Rich People Giving Away Money? Who?

Rich people across the continent are today giving their resources to help other people who may be suffering in poverty and hunger. It has become a matter of urgent concern that those with more than enough in their store to contribute and help others without to survive for another day. However, giving alms and helping destitute has been long left to the rich people.

Many rich people have thus taken it as a key responsibility to come forward and relieve destitute of the burdens brought forth by poverty and hunger. Rich people for instance Bill Gates, Jeff Skoll, Oprah Winfrey, and Warren Buffet amongst others have made history in giving to the needy people across the globe. Such acts of charity are not meant to expose their riches, but stand as a way of holding each other’s hand in times of need.

Billionaires and Millionaires across the world do not give away free money to any person who asks for it. These public figures have taken imitative to come up with foundations that help unfortunate people. Most rich people take time to discover the missing parts of human survival for instance shelter and food.

This is taken as an objective in a given foundation. They come up with a strategy, which becomes the foundational aspect of how to assist these people with basic requirements.  The leading objective in these foundations include scholarships, water, housing, medical treatment, seasonal gifts, and charitable foundations.

It is through these foundations that Millionaires and Billionaires put in their money to support such missions. For instance Charles Woodson contributed 2 Million Dollars towards Mott Hospital. This was about a third of his income. A opposed to giving money freely, this donation goes into assisting people obtain medical treatment.

It is critical to understand that most of these rich people give their money as a way of helping others live a better life. Nonetheless, there are many people who go an extra mile to seek for assistance directly from them. Often, such people end up disappointed rather than encouraged. Only a number of cases get absorbed in to their charitable organizations.

Although such instances are disappointing, it is beneficial to note that the organizations and foundations are established so as to enhance order. In addition, it is a commendable way of ensuring that their goals are met. Some rich people have charity shows on the media. Rich people like Oprah Winfrey have television programs where they help people in public.

Such programs have been mistaken for shows to expose their wealth. However, the significance of such television programs may be far from such thoughts.

There are various ways in which a person can give back to the poor. These ways include

  • Monetary donations:  It involves giving money to different non-governmental organizations that help poor people. One can give to such charitable groups to help them fulfill their objective, which is to basically assist others live better.
  • Volunteering: These are opportunities that arise often as a way of contributing to community building. One joins efforts with a group to develop another. Similarly, volunteers are allowed to support such mission financially.
  • Fundraising: It is a humble way of helping others. Fundraiser projects may require one to go an extra mile in the act of giving. However, it is a reputable means of raising fund and other kinds of donations to help others.
  • Community beautification: This is primarily a kind of community service. It is a means of creating awareness for the high demand towards creativity and environmental services across the world. People can gather their efforts to clean or beautify a place for the common good of the people around.
  • Help a friend: This is a means of contributing to the society. Some people look around their own estates and help their neighbors during tough times.

If you are looking for very rich people who are giving money away you can also check with "The Giving Pledge," which is a group of very, very rich individuals who have decided to give away half their fortune to those in need.  Some members of The Giving Pledge include Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.  However there are at least 100 other super rich philanthropists who belong to The Giving Pledge.

Amongst the leading rich people in the world that give aid to the poor are:

  • Jeff Skoll: Jeff Skoll who started a foundation called the Skoll Global Treats fund. The main objective of this foundation is for counter issues such as pandemics, water scarcity, and middle-east peace. The foundation endeavors to participate more to bringing solutions to the most disheartening issues affecting people.
  • David M. Rubenstein: He is amongst the leading rich people that purposed to aid the poor, having come from a humble background. He has pledged half of his riches to help others rise to better heights in their life status.
  • Duncan and Nancy Macmillan: According these two Samaritans’, money has the most value in the world only when it is put to its proper use and common good. This is couple that has focused to help other people live better.
  • Charles F. Feeney: He has an organization called the Atlantic Foundation. He is a person focused to contribute to helping others even by Giving Pledge.

In conclusion, most of the rich people give away their riches to enhance and develop humanity in various aspects. The chances of such charitable trends continuing are high as more of this is done through giving pledges. On the other hand, the world is continually being attacked by different catastrophes that increase the number of needy people. 

In this regard, every person should learn to appreciate such acts of charity and learn to contribute likewise according to his or her capacity. It is also beneficial to understand that the rich people across the globe are not obliged to give to the poor. Moreover, these doings should be considered as mere acts of charity, which come as a free will.

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