Secrets of the millionaire mind book

  In these troubled economic times, many people are desperate for any kind of income. Thus, it may sound too good to be true that there are millionaires actually giving away free money. So, how can you get help from millionaires?

We’ve all heard of venture capitalism, where rich people pony up often large sums of cash to support a business venture that seems to have a promise of making it big. In the same vein, there are rich people to who money away to support social and environmental causes for the greater good. You may be eligible to get this free money now, but there are some criteria you would have to satisfy.

The millionaire next door bookIn the past, millionaires who were giving away free money usually tended to do so once they were retired, and now wanted to spread their wealth around by using some of it for the greater good. These include people like Dave Packard who started the Packard Foundation after retirement. But in recent years, more and more millionaires have started giving money away even as young people. For instance, Jeff Skoll of eBay and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have both given away significant amounts of money to charitable causes. In fact, the motivation and methods that philanthropists are using to give away free money are often similar to the ones that prompt them to drop large sums for venture capitalism. Instead of generating profits for business, they are looking to maximize social benefits for the good of humanity and the earth. This includes giving grants to non-profit organizations, as well as giving free money directly to needy people.

Getting help from millionaires - people who give money for free

Oprah Winfrey is one millionaire who is well known for giving away money for free to those in need. She founded the Oprah Angel Network that gives charitable contributions to non-profit organizations. She has also contributed large sums of money to disaster relief and rescue missions. Among other things, she founded a Leadership Academy to offer education to young people in Africa.

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and George Soros are three other very rich people who are known for giving money away for charitable causes relating to social welfare and human health.

Bill Cosby is another charitable millionaire who has contributed large sums of money through his foundation to help people with learning disabilities. And Brad Pitt founded the Make it Right foundation to build houses for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

There are numerous examples of other millionaires and billionaires who are giving free money away to help those in need, so chances are you could avail of assistance through their foundations if you can demonstrate need.