Millionaires often give away free money, but is it a good thing or a bad thing? People who have lots of cash do it for a lot of reasons. Some of these are from the goodness of their hearts, but sometime they probably just do it so they can get a tax break.

However, if you are one of the ones benefitting from millionaires who give away free money, then you may not care what their motives are as long as you get the money to have your operation, pay your loan, buy a house or whatever you may need or desire it for.

What happens when millionaires give away money?

It is exciting when millionaires give away free money, and usually it ends up on the news for everyone to know about. Millionaires thus have the ability to change the lives of many people and it can be a blessing to those who really need it.

Their donated money can often have long term effects, because it can do great things like pay for college for less fortunate students, ensure that people aren’t homeless, or help an entrepreneur start a business that could change the world.

What happens when millionaires give away free money?

Millionaires who give away free money do it for a lot of reasons. They may have a background where their parents did it so they are carrying on the tradition, or perhaps a family member died of a cancer and they like to donate lots of cash to research to try to find a cure for future generations. These are usually very nice individuals who truly want others to benefit from their donations and they aren’t doing it for the tax benefits.

It also helps when millionaires give away free money because it sometimes inspires other people to give money. They may not be able to give as much as a millionaire, but every little bit helps and sometimes it’s the millionaire whose large donation can get the ball rolling to bring in money for charities or other organizations or people who truly need the money and the help they have received.

Sometimes you see this happen on a national or local telethon and the large donations of a millionaire who gives away free money inspires the others in the area to help people. It gives more credence to the event because people think that if a millionaire will give lots of cash that it must be a good cause.

That’s because most millionaires won’t give to something they haven’t checked out because they are careful who they donate large sums of money too. They don’t want some news media saying that they throw away their money on worthless or even illegal things. Instead, they do research on the charity or person or business and then decide if it is worthy of a huge donation of free cash.

Should millionaires give more money?

Some people think that since millionaires have lots of money, that they should give a lot more than they already do. They believe that some of them are greedy and don’t want to help other people. While millionaires do have a lot of wealth, if they gave all of it away then they wouldn’t be able to help as many people every year that they do now.

That’s because it takes money to make more money, so millionaires who give away free money need to hold onto a large portion of their wealth so they can invest it and make lots more money and be able to help a lot more people who need it. Over the lifetime of a millionaire this way he can give millions of dollars to those in need every year.

What to do if you want free money

Millionaires who give away free money often advertise that fact online and will search for new things and new needs. If you need some free cash in order to start a business or for an expensive medical operation, then you might be able to find one of these generous people who is willing to help you out.

Or, you can go on TV or the radio and talk about why you deserve to get free money from a generous millionaire. This is a way to get your story out there so any millionaires who do this will know about you and may decide to help you out in your hour of need.

Another idea is to make a YouTube video and ask for help from millionaires who give away free money. This way you can show the reason in more detail, like if you need extensive renovations on your house so you can accommodate a disabled relative or any other legitimate need you can’t afford to pay for.

The bottom line is that lots of millionaires who give away free money are out there helping people every day. It is a good thing for them to do this and it is a good thing for them to get richer so that they can afford to help even more people. So, if you wonder if millionaire who give away free money should continue to do so, then most people who say yes, since they help a lot of others.