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Great flavor

Smells incredible

Cheaper than many premium coffees


More expensive than bulk, cheap coffee

Encourages you to drink WAY more coffee than you should

Full Review

I picked up a bag of Millstone coffee at my local Walmart because it was on sale and I was really hoping that it actually did taste like caramel truffles. Although to be completely honest, I don't think I've ever actually eaten a caramel truffle but the drool worthy picture of candies and melted caramel on the front of the millstone coffee bag was enough to sell me on the idea. Plus it was only about six dollars a bag which is pretty cheap for a good flavored coffee.

I took it home and immediately brewed a full pot of this caramely millstone coffee even though it was already 6:00 PM and I knew darn well that if I drank a whole pot of coffee, I was going to be up all night. I took my first cup totally black which is something that I always do when I am testing out a new coffee because I really wanted to make sure that I actually like the flavor of the millstone coffee by itself, not just the flavor of all the things I added to it.

I could honestly drink this coffee black and be very happy with it. Millstone coffee has somehow suceeded in getting me to drink my coffee black which is something that my diet has been trying to do for years. I still like to add just a touch of Splenda to it to sweeten it and if you add a little bit of almond milk, it is really like dessert in a cup. But, most days, I enjoy it black because it honestly tastes like caramel truffles which apparently are absolutely delicious.

Caramel truffle Millstone coffee has a rich and buttery flavor and much more than a hint of sweet caramel flavoring. I served this up to a friend of mine and warned her that it was flavored before she added any sugar. She ended up drinking it black and wanted to know where I had purchased this awesome coffee. When I told her Walmart, she didn't believe me at first but I spied a bag of Millstone coffee on her counter the last time I stopped by to visit so I'm not alone in my love of this coffee.

In Closing

Millstone coffee is a great choice when you want a coffee that is good enough to serve to guests without having to spend a lot of money. I actually cut my Millstone coffee with cheap coffee to make it last longer and save even more money. The flavor is still great and I plan on buying this coffee for quite some time. I also look forward to trying out all the other flavors of Millstone coffee as my local Walmart carries at least a dozen more flavors.