In the recent past I have done a fair bit of work as an Electrician's mate, so I aren't much of a stranger to some of the latest kit and gear. He claimed his pride possession was the Milwaukee 2602-22CT hammer drill/driver & when I got to use it, I could easily see why. All day, every day I had to use the Waukee and not once had it let me down. There has been a sudden rise with Milwaukee being reputable for producing top quality gear & there's a reason why -- they produce quality tackle for professionals and weekend warriors alike. 

Milwaukee 2602-22CT M18 18-Volt Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill/Driver Kit
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(price as of Feb 13, 2016)

Obviously, being a combo driver -- you get the best sides of both worlds. Moreover, because it is cordless & are fitted with Milwaukee's super batteries (more on this later) you aren't having to deal with the hassle of a cord being dragged with you everywhere. But, generally speaking with cordless equipment -- people worry that they just can't offer you the same type of power that a corded one can, well it is here where Milwaukee really excel & in particular with this hammer drill/driver kit.

Milwaukee 2602-22CT Specs

So let's get into the details. The drill is installed with a top of the range four pole motor that allows it 550 in./lbs of torque as well as a huge 29,000 Blows Per Minute this allows it to operate 20 percent quicker in concrete than direct competition (e.g. Bosch, DeWalt and other brands). Moreover, you have variation over the speed that you wish to drill with, where some jobs require accuracy and delicate procedures over just pure brute force (the Milwaukee is more than capable of handling both aspects) -- you can have a high speed of up to 1,700 RPM and much lower speed at up to 450 RPM.

You can see from the official Milwaukee video above that the way the man handles the drill it is light (at just 4.4 lbs), compact (with a length of roughly 8.5 inches) and is ergonomically designed to ensure the entire use of the drill is a comfortable one, allowing you to go for just as long the drill. It is integrated with the digital power management in order to prevent the drill from overheating and overloading, this system lengthens the life of both the tool and battery. Upon ignition you also get an LED light that comes on, especially useful as an electrician in dim lit areas I will tell you. This package also has an all metal 0.5 inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck for efficient bit retention.

Milwaukee 2602-22CTCredit: - Milwaukee 2602-22CTM18 Lit-Ion Pure Power

This is what Milwaukee has become most famous & well loved for by its owners. The super-powerful batteries that apply both more power & last longer than competing brands. They take just around an hour charge, but for me they easily lasted one or one and half days of constant drilling. They really are fantastic. This package comes with the slightly larger based batteries free, but you can get compact ones that cost slightly more, but are much lighter and make the work (especially if you are at it all day) a whole lot easier.

With regards to the warranty coverage on the Milwaukee 2602-22CT, you are backed for five years on the drill itself and then another five years on the batteries that should last you over 2000 charges in their lifetime.

In this package altogether you obviously get the drill as well as two battery packs, charger and carry case.

However, it is best not to just take my word and the specs for how good this Milwaukee drill actually is -- it is best to get a general consensus on what other owners of this drill think (all these Milwaukee 2602-22CT reviews have been sourced from :

  • Incredible Drill - My Favorite Tool - "I LOVE this drill. I have used it to drill through wood, metal, and concrete (hammer). I read in another Amazon review of this drill that his batteries took an hour to charge. NOT MINE! My batteries have charged in well under 30 minutes, probably closer to 15. It is sturdy, ergonomic, and I love the LED light." - Bryan Bostrom
  • Hands Down One of the Best - "I replaced a Dewalt because of the battery costs with one from Sears. After the Sears broke twice, I purchased this unit. It has the most torque and power than any other cordless unit I've owned." - John Benedek
  • Great Compact Drill - "I drilled through drywall, wood, and even some stone outside in the backyard to mount a few things and it never overheated or failed on me. Performed fantastically." - William Luong

In all, it really is a fantastic drill. Yes, it is a fair bit more expensive than other drills, but this thing really is top of the line, in any comparison test you will always see the Milwaukee tool come out on top. You won't regret, getting yourself one of these bad boys for sure. All the reviews I have read give it a unanimous five or 4.5 stars out of five rating. Like the review said above, easily my favorite tool as well.