Whether you are a professional or just a weekend warrior looking for a top of the line impact wrench for automotive, construction work etc. -- the Milwaukee 2652-22 M18 Compact Impact wrench w. dent really is a great option for you to consider -- I'm gonna bet it will be able to handle a lot more than you'd expect (if you haven't tried it out already). Milwaukee have quickly become renown for producing the best gear & pose tools on the market & this 2652-22 18 Volt M18 compact impact wrench is no different, it offers you both power & versatility all in a neat little lightweight package.

Milwaukee 2652-22 Specs

It weighs in at just 4.1 lbs and measures 5.75" in length, so already it has an advantage over other competing brands, being both lighter and smaller than your typical impact wrench as well as taking on a very complimentary ergonomic design. But, where it particularly impresses is the 2,200 In./Lbs of torque with a speed which can be varied between up to 2,200 RPM and 3,200 RPM offering you a slight versatility given the job at hand -- balancing when you are after raw power in comparison to precision.

As you might have noticed with the name (in the amazon element just above) -- it comes with a 0.5 inch pin detent that acts to provide you with quality socket retention, providing that extra bit of sound convenience. Also, upon triggering an LED light will illuminate (which from my in-field experience is particularly handy for electricians & the like) poor lit areas.

M18 Lithium Ion Power

This is what most people rave about when they talk about a Milwaukee tool, the awesome power supply provided with their batteries. Obviously, the first point is that the wrench is cordless which obviously offers the advantage of being hassle free from the off, however with other brands their cordless tools tend to be either quite weak or won't last too long. 

It is here where Milwaukee excel, with their M18 XC High-Capacity LITHIUM-ION, they have managed to make a better that offers an extensive run time (literally will be able to last for hours not stop) that offers torque & speed.

The batteries themselves have also been given patented features such as a overload protection, temperature manager & voltage monitoring protection -- all to keep both you & the tool safe. It also gives a bar gauge, where you hit a little button on the tool, to let you know how much battery life is left (four bars). They take typically less than an hour to fully charge & for you to use and set go again -- with the  Milwaukee 2652-22 you get two of these batteries -- so you can basically go at a job all day if you needed (keep swapping them over).

With regards to the warranty coverage on the Milwaukee 2652-22 you get a 5 year period that covers any defects or issues you have with the wrench -- this includes a five year protection on the batteries you purchase. Note: you can buy a lightweight compact version of the M18 lit-ion batteries to make the M18 tools even lighter if you wanted. This bundle also comes with a case to fit your gear in -- the  Milwaukee 2652-22 impact wrench, two batteries & charger.

Milwaukee 2652-22Credit: amazon.com - Milwaukee 2652-22 Reading about all the Milwaukee 2652-22 specs is all well and good, but it is what the cold hard reviews have to say on the impact driver that you want to pay particular interest to, in order to get an all-round perspective on what it has to offer.

  • Simply Incredible! - "This has to be one of the great buys for my tool collection. This impact is so light and compact yet packs a big punch! I'm constantly having to use it to get into small places to remove 1/2" hardware (using a 3/4" socket). This thing shreds through them in no time." - Eric Shelden
  • Packs a big punch for a little impact! - "First trip out, one of the guys traveling with us got a flat tire so we figured we would try using this for a quick change. None of us thought it would have enough juice to take the wheel lugs off. Much to our surprise it removed them all with ease turing a crappy situation into a 10 minute pit stop!" - Brian
  • Awesome - "takes the lug nuts off my dodge ram 2500. small enough to get into most places inside the engine compartment. trigger is very nice you can spin a nut very slowly."  - Pen

All these reviews were sourced from Amazon.com and they have given it an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars in total. In all, you can clearly see that this is an awesome bit of kit that is light, compact (allowing you to get into tricky & tights scenarios) but is also very powerful & long lasting. Granted it is more expensive than models such as the Makita BTW450Z & Bosch 24618B -- but there is a reason for that, it is a lot better. As said it is pretty much the best impact wrench on the market for any automotive work or construction site jobs that needs a powered wrench to get into an awkward or small gap.