If you are after a powerful cordless circular saw that can rip through & along plywood all day long, then you won't go far wrong with the Milwaukee 2730-21 M18 Fuel. This is probably the first real cordless model that can offer the same sort of power as that of a corded one -- you can see from the video above, it goes through 3 sheets of plywood without any real difficulty.

Milwaukee 2730-21 Specs

Let's get into the details of this Milwaukee saw. First off, it is incredibly easy to get a hold of wand work with it weighs just 8 lbs and has a suited ergonomic design (length: 16 inches). However, where it really 'goes to town' is how powerful & fast it is at the job in hand, it is claimed to be 30 percent faster cutting than competing circular saws and I can't say I don't believe it for a minute.

Milwaukee 2730-21 M18 FUEL 6-1/2" Circular Saw Kit with 1 Battery
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(price as of Jun 15, 2014)

This is because it hosts a whole range of specialised features to increase both applied battery power & efficiency. Powerstate is the unique optimzed brushless motor that both out powers other 18 volt circular saws and outlasts them with a 300% longer 'tool' lifeRedlink + is the built-in electronic component system to acts to get the most out of the saw in terms of cutting performance. It also acts to protect the tool & battery, so it won't overheat or over-discharge etc.

Then finally what Milwaukee is re-knowned for, their excellent applied batteries -- with the Milwaukee 2730-21 it is the Red-Lithium XC 4.0 that runs for four times the length of other competing saws, whilst affording it 20% more power as well as 2000 lifetime charges (in comparison to just a 1000 with non-Milwaukee batteries).

Further Details

When triggered you get an LED light which comes on, which is especially useful in dim lit areas, and the 6.5 inch saw can potentially reach 5,000 RPM. The arbor size measures just over half an inch (0.625) and both the shoe and blade guard are made from magnesium (the max bevel reach is 50 degrees). 

With regards to the warranty coverage on the Milwaukee 2730-21 you have 5 years on the actual tool (for defects or issues) then three years on the battery. Also, be aware that there are three model option packages with this saw the 2730-20 which is just the circular saw, blade and blade wrench. Then this model the Milwaukee 2730-21 which has the above, plus a bag, a charged & 1 battery -- then the final package 2730-22 comes with an additional battery pack.

It is all well and good knowing the details of this tool, but it is the reviews that really give you a feel for it & they are nothing but extremely positive (all 5 out of 5 star reviews).

  • Best Cordless Circular Saw Yet! - "This cordless saw is every bit as powerful as a standard circular saw. For the money, this saw can not be beat.If you are considering a cordless saw, get this one, even over the 2630 (Milwaukee). For the little extra you get a bunch more real tool." - Dog Man (Milwaukeetool.com)
  • Excellent Quality - "The battery life has been excellent thus far and the saw has plenty of power. I never thought I'd be such a fan of a cordless circular saw." - Kahmann (Amazon.com)

In all, the only real downside to be noted is that it has no rip fence, other than that the main features of a cordless circular saw -- the Milwaukee 2730 really excels. It offers excellent power, which is the main concern with getting a cordless circular saw (would it be able to compete & get to the same level of power). Then the next concern is 'how long will it last'? Again, the Milwaukee addresses this concern with a run time of well over an hour. To be fair the Milwaukee 2730 is just an excellent piece of kit, granted it is expensive, but blimey it is worth it!