"Think too much, and you'll create problems that were never there in the first place."

I'm not writing this to make anyone feel bad, because I realize at face value and first glance a lot of these new age/spiritual type quotes are uplifting and many of them I personally do agree with. But this one has always bothered me and I want to explain why it is dangerous, even though the statement itself is 100% true. What struck me to write this was seeing this quote posted on Facebook with dozens of comments of people saying things like "so true!" or "I need to apply this to my life more", or "this is wonderful" without a single person questioning it. That, and the ridiculous increase of manipulation I've seen in the mainstream media in recent years.

First, mind control is not something to scoff at. It is a reality of life and it exists whether you are aware of it or believe it or not. It exists in places you don't realize, and it exists in ways that aren't necessarily meant to be totally evil.  I don't encourage anyone to be fearful of this true fact of reality; I instead want people to simply be aware of it. I'll explain why it is so common and dangerous after I explain how this quote REEKS of mind control. If you have ever read this quote, smiled, got a warm fuzzy and began applying it to your life, you are unfortunately a victim of mind control, even though the source you heard it from may not have intended it that way and only wanted to share a positive-sounding quote. Also note that there is no author accredited to this quote to be found anywhere online. Every source states the author is unknown.

Mind Control Inspiring Quote

Humans are meant to think, we are NOT meant to "not think". The very fact that many people only after reading/hearing this quote became consciously aware that thinking too much "causes problems that weren't there in the first place", proves the implications of the word "problem" to be of a different nature than you initially perceived when accepting the statement as truth. And the very fact that so few people think about this quote long enough to realize what it implies is further proof of its hidden danger.

Yes, thinking too much causes problems that weren't there in the first place. The REAL problem, however, is the fact that these "problems" arising from deep thought are never bad problems in the grand scheme of things and in terms of perceiving the true nature of reality. Any problem you create with thought can be solved, even if it leads to what you perceive to be a dead end, because even then you will have at least learned something along the way that brings you closer to FULL reality and not just a limited personal perception, which for all you know could currently only equate to less than 1% of true reality.

Crimes are solved because detectives think too much about stuff and run into problems that weren't there to begin with. Scientific breakthroughs and mathematical formulas are discovered or created because someone thought too much about something and created problems that weren't there to begin with. Successfully planning for the future requires thinking about things that create previously unknown problems. Engineering technology, creating new games and sports, or writing books and creating art all require the same effective and necessary thought process.

These are just a handful of obvious examples. In these instances, people think too much and create a problem that wasn't there. However, instead of ceasing to think when they realized a new problem arose, as this inspiring quote suggests, they instead CONTINUED thinking. And if they ran into more problems, they still did not quit thinking. They again thought even deeper until they were able to solve the original problems they created from thinking "too deep" in the first place. And because of scientists, mathemeticians, artists and philosophers all thinking "too hard" and creating problems that didn't exist, we now have this wonderful world of knowledge that we can keep thinking even deeper about, expanding on, or making new discoveries that bring us closer to the true nature of reality.

Living your life constantly telling yourself that if you don't immediately understand something, you should just quit thinking about it, is dangerous. If you want to live in this world and perceive reality for what it truly is, thinking deep is a necessity. The people in charge of this world know this and have for a long time, which is why the Dark Ages existed  (due to both religion and royal monarchy) and the Vatican still keeps secrets. This is also likely why the IQ of citizens in America is on a frighteningly rapid decline while impoverished nations who have far less distractions are flourishing with genius-level IQs.

Refusing to think deep about things in fear of causing problems that weren't there to begin with, is comparable to living like a sheep. You are not a sheep, you are human with a magnificent brain capable of thinking deeper than you can even comprehend, and that is what separates you from the beasts. Do you think it is ok for the deep-thinking people in charge of the world and capable of altering public opinions, to perceive the full nature of reality, while you live your one and only known life without experiencing reality for what it truly is and perpetuating it for future generations?

This is why I say it is mind control. It doesn't take much for something to fall under this category, and like I said, it is not always done with malicious intent. It's just that language, emotion and persuasion are all very common in our life and each of them influences how you perceive reality, so they are big, effective aspects of the science of mind control. Lots and lots of people know this all throughout history including China (mind science recorded since ancient times), Germany, Russia and US (more modern with Nazis, Soviets and CIA), and that's why I find it dangerous for people to blindly accept seemingly inspiring quotes that strike emotional chords and use language deception like this at face value without--ironically--thinking about its implications. As I said, the statement itself is true, which is why its tricky. The problem is the use of the word "problem" and how nearly everyone interprets it, and just goes to show you how misunderstanding the meaning of a single word can forever alter your perception of reality in a negative way. Language is a beautiful aspect of life, but a powerful tool for tyranny.

This is the exact mind control technique used to perpetuate the Dark Ages for so many centuries. It's a control tactic, it works, and it tricks people without them even realizing they're being tricked. The science mystics from history we adore today were defined as "paranoid" in their times, because everyone else dismissed them without doing the same research they did and latched on to a simplistic mindset that hindered their perception of reality.

Also, there is no way to define what "too much" is when it comes to a new thought because you don't yet know the end result of whether it is a legitimate thought or a pointless one unless you follow through with the thoughts until what you perceive to be, or really is, the end. For instance, a brand new quantum calculation or invention of some sort could take 2 years of obsessive thought to create, so in reality 14 months of thinking is not "too much" even though it seems like it at face value. He didn't know it would take 2 years to create when he began his obsessive thoughts, he may have just assumed it would only take a few months, and many people may give up after surpassing the preconceived level of thinking required to solve something. This is largely why quantum physics and certain inventions took so long to get discovered and what separates genius from average or the awake from the asleep.

The other reason this quote is dangerous is how it can be easily used against people like me explaining it as a self-evident fact. I don't deny that it is a true statement, so if you plan on commenting and saying something like "I think you thought too hard about this", you would be a bit clever, but not profound, and you'd actually prove my point ;)

All of this being said, I do think it is good to give your mind times of rest and simple thinking through meditation or relaxation. There is nothing wrong with that, but when you accept an inspiring quote like this and start applying it to your life, it becomes all too easy to abuse it and apply it way too much, which in turn hinders your ability to perceive reality. Even if you end up proving your original thought to be stupid and pointless, you at least can come to that conclusion using real actual thought, rather than just assuming a conclusion based on a lack of thought. If you cannot accept that sometimes you will prove previous beliefs wrong by putting more thought into them, then that is a personal ego issue of an entirely different nature and has no bearing on the validity of deep thought.

I plan to detail more of these little-known mind control techniques in future articles. I think my next one will be about the absurd, fantastical "everything happens for a reason" quote which again is true at face value but is dangerously misinterpreted....