You are at the movies watching a really interesting movie. Something captivating is about to happen when the person in front of you stands up and blocks your view. By the time you are able to see the next scene, the action is over. At that very moment, your thoughts are very dark and your vocabulary spiked. Evil thoughts will overcome you and you might wish the person gets shot through the screen of the movie theater. If the person was on his way to the toilets you might wish he gets diarrhea and never makes it back until the end of the movie. Another situation that this might happen to you is when at home. You are having a really cozy phone conversation with your best friend and suddenly your mum shouts at you and orders you to get off the phone and help with the dishes. You immediately wish someone would drop dead but of course you are not referring to yourself. That is how you go through life wishing evil things would happen even to loved ones. If we could kill with our minds a lot of people will be dead.

Why do we get evil thoughts? At times, it is because we want to defend our personal space. We get upset when people encroach on what we consider to be ours. We don't even make exceptions for families when it comes to protecting what is ours. These thoughts don't always stay in our heads, they sometimes find their way to our mouth. How many parents have heard an angry child scream "I hate you and I wish you were dead". These spoken thoughts can have devastating consequences.

Humans are a strange bread. I wonder if animals also have evil thoughts. Like the family dog staring at you and thinking, how I hate this family. I wish I could be adopted buy a richer family so that I can get my own room. If we could read animal's thoughts, I am sure we will be surprised as to what is inside the little head or sometimes big heads of our pets. Let us talk about mind reading. Would it be a blessing or a curse?

Why would mind reading be a blessing? If you have experience the first three months of a child's life, you know it can be a living nightmare. The baby just cries for no apparent reason and you are there trying to figure out what is wrong with it (him or her). If you can read the baby's mind, you can easily deal with the problem and hopefully go back to sleep. In What other situations will mind reading be helpful? There are not that many situations in life that reading the mind or mind reading will be helpful. Here are some unwanted situations:

Your Husband and mind reading: If you were able to read your husband's mind, you might be shocked, disgusted and ask for a divorce. Take for example, you would like to know what he would do if you were to die. Would he remarry and to whom would he like to be remarried. Most husbands would just lie because that his what they know you want to hear. If you were able to read his mind you might find out he actually fancies your sister or your best friend and would remarry within 3 months of your death. Will that type of mind reading make you happy? Of course not. Some things are better left unsaid. The less you know in this case, the better. Mind reading is not good. You don't want to read your husband's mind

Your wife and mind reading: You've always known that your wife would leave you in a heart bit if Brad Pitt were to ask her out. You are not bothered about it because you know the closest she will ever get to him is watching the TV. Imagine if you could read her mind. You might be devastated to know she is thinking of Brad Pitt when making love to you. Worse still, you might discover that she thinks you are not well endowed and that she regrets he ex. That will get a lot of divorce lawyers busy. Mind reading is not always a good thing.

Daughter and mind reading: You think you have an angel of a daughter. If you could read her mind and find out she is no longer a virgin and has been sexually active 4 years before her sixteenth birthday. Someone will be grounded for life. What if you discover that your daughter swears at you when she can't have things her way? You might be arrested by the police for child abuse and domestic violence. In this case, ignorance is bliss. Mind reading is not always a good thing

Son and mind reading: Your son is very popular at school and always top of the class. He goes with the family every Sunday to church and loves the scriptures. What if you were to read his mind and find out that he is only doing this to appease you and that he is secretly gay. It will be really difficult to contain yourself and not confront him. How can you pretend everything is normal when you know the deepest secret of your son? What if you can read your son's mind and find out that he is addicted to pornography? Mind reading is not always a good thing

Your Mother and mind reading: Your mother had an affair and you are the result of her indiscretion. Your father is unaware of it but you could read her mind. How would you feel about your mother? You already know she was no Virgin Mary but you didn't know she was related to Tiger Woods and Jezebel. Could you still call her mother? Mind reading is not always a good thing

The Priest and mind reading: Imagine you were to go to confession. Not that many people actually confess but you get the idea. You are in the process of telling the priest how you have evil thoughts about the neighbor's husband and how you continuously have impure thoughts. What if you could read his mind and he his thoughts are along the following lines "your son looks really cute, how I wish he was a choir boy". Is that blasphemy what I have just written? If you think so, why not do a Google search on Catholic Priest Child Abuse. Even in the house of the lord, ignorance is not a sin. Mind reading is not always a good thing

In a nutshell, humans have evil thoughts on a daily basis. Some are amusing, but other thoughts can be deadly. It is not a good thing to have the capabilities to read the mind. The mind is a powerful thing and the less we know about the intentions of our fellow humans the better we can lead a normal life.