What is mind control hypnosis?

The standard hypnosis is also termed mind control hypnosis. In fact all techniques of hypnosis are directly related to the mind, or the subconscious mind, and the term 'mind control hypnosis' actually represents the true meanings of the word hypnosis.
The use of hypnosis has deep historical roots when it was effectively applied to treat diseases and its demonstration on stage shows had high entertaining values.
During the therapeutic use or stage shows, the stunning results of hypnosis, or mind control hypnosis, made people develop certain theories and beliefs about this art.
Due to the unavailability of right information on mind control hypnosis, this art invariably related to magic or to some mystic power.
Moreover, the audience was not aware of the fact that the hypnotist, both while performing a stage show or while dealing with some disease, could do nothing without the consent of the subject or the patient. They just got the impression that, as mind control hypnosis, the hypnotist is in full control of the subject and could control the subject's mind to dictate his commands.

To clear our minds from the widely mistaken beliefs about mind control hypnosis we have to get a closer look on the basic facts of mind control hypnosis.
Before knowing anything else, you do not have to confuse on the words mind control hypnosis. Many can mistake it as the art, if not magic, by which the expert can control the minds of others, can influence his own commands on others, can make them do whatever he wants to - in short, he can gain full control of the mind of others.
This is absolutely wrong, nothing to do with the truth of hypnosis of any kind. No one, not even the highly experienced professional, can control your mind, or even can implant suggestions against your own will. In mind control hypnosis, your full consent is essential for a hypnotist to feed the agreed suggestions to your subconscious mind during the hypnosis session and this cannot be done without your cooperation.

In mind control hypnosis your subconscious minds becomes highly receptive to the suggestions it receives during the hypnosis session. These suggestions, giving up smoking for instance, can later be materialized after awaking from the hypnosis state.
Mind control hypnosis dates back to 17th century when evidently it was first used by Franz Anton Mesmer. That is why perhaps mind control hypnosis, or hypnosis, was also called 'mesmerism'.
The depth and wonderful results of the art of mind control hypnosis encouraged different theories and beliefs. Several misconceptions about mind control hypnosis existed for long and had been accepted without any doubt.
Mind control hypnosis was related to magic or mystic powers for long. It is the modern research and studies that have cleared all the mistaken beliefs and doubts about mind control hypnosis and flooded information about this wonderful art or tool. Thanks to such efforts, we are now able to get the countless benefits of mind control hypnosis.

While some had mistakenly believed mind control hypnosis as a form of magic, some famous hypnotist, like James Braid, had some more positive theories about mind control hypnosis.
The direction of their theories about mind control hypnosis was tilting towards a kind of brain activity.
Whatever the theories and beliefs were existed about mind control hypnosis, now all the details and techniques are so clear and readily available that, other than its extensive use by professionals, even a common man can avail on his own the great benefits of mind control hypnosis.
Health related problems, sports, personal development, controlling addictions and negative mental attitudes, etc. are some of the fields where the proper use of mind control hypnosis is doing wonders.