Baby Constipation

You cannot be more helpless than while watching your baby moan and groan in pain while emptying his bowels. I was one of those distraught parents feeling utterly helpless while watching my little two year old daughter writhing in pain every alternate day. It was a case of severe baby constipation. It was a case of hard stools rather than of no movement at all and passing it out was so painful and stressful for my little one that she would sometimes withhold the movement. Although it sounds utterly gross but sometimes, we had to assist her with our hands as well.

Ineffective treatments

We talked to her paediatrician and he said that to treat this kind of constipation, only dietary changes will help. He suggested to include more fiber in my daughter's food. The only problem was that my daughter was too fussy about food and I could not explain the virtues of fibrous food to a two-year old!! So, my doctor prescribed lactulose syrup two times a day. We started this but to no effect at all. My daughter would pass stools normally someday, then nothing for two days and then very hard and agonizing one someday. In short, the lactulose was not having any effect. This continued for one month after which we went to the doctor again. He said he could prescribe laxatives but they tend to become habitual and so he was avoiding it. We had also heard stories of people becoming habitual to these laxatives, so we dropped this idea and turned to homeopathy. The homeopathy doctor prescribed us some medicines and I was wondering how these little sugar lumps will help my daughter. I was happy, though, because my daughter would take them readily thinking them to be some sort of candy!!

Anyways, after fifteen days of consuming those sugary lumps, my daughter was not in any better condition than before. Meanwhile, our dates for a beach vacation to Goa in India (more about that in another article :)) had arrived and we decided to go for it although we were a bit concerned about my daughter's constipation and the fact that we had to take a 36-hour long train journey. But the train journey would later prove to be a boon for us.

The train journey

We happily boarded our train to Goa. While on the train, my daughter again groaned in pain while passing the very hard stools. Fortunately, a co-passenger lady noticed that and we could never have imagined what followed that. The lady told us that her granddaughter had a similar problem and they had given her a lot of allopathy medicines but to no effect. Then they hit upon a person who provides Ayurvedic constipation medicine for children and that too, totally free of cost. She said she could send them by courier once we reached our home from vacation. We saw a glimmer of hope. We exchanged our phone numbers and continued on our vacation. After ten days of fun and frolic on the serene Goan beaches, we went back to our home and called her. She said she will send the medicine by courier to us. The medicine came to us in two days.

Ayurveda for constipation

The medicine was a powder and only a pinch of that powder was to be mixed in jaggery and water and given to the child. The medicine was to be given once in three days and the lady claimed that you will need to give the medicine only two or three times. After that, your baby's constipation would go for good. Very apprehensive and full of doubts, we gave the first pinch one morning. My daughter did not pass stool for a full 24 hours after that. The cynic in us was getting awake but just when we were about to dismiss the Ayurvedic powder, our daughter had the first soft motion in three months, so much so that she did not even realize it. A marked difference to the days of groans and pains. We did not give the medicine for another three days and my daughter was having one clear movement a day with no sign of pain at all. We called the train lady again and thanked her profusely. She told us to give two more doses in next ten days to c completely wipe off the baby constipation. So, we gave it two more times in a span of ten days and now after two months, I can say my little one is free of that nasty baby constipation. 

I don't know why but it always happens that when we come face to face with any ailment or disease, we always meet similar persons instantly. So we also met some distraught parents whose babies were constipated since birth and had to clear their bowels by enema. When we told our story, they also asked for the medicine. But we had no idea where to get it from!! We could not ask the train lady to send it to us all the time. There was a small strip of paper written in Gujarati, which had the name and mobile number of the person who gives it for free. As my mother is a Gujarati, I can read the language, so I called him up and asked to send it to us but he refused!! He told us to come and get the medicine ourselves. He was not in the business of sending it anywhere. He makes it and gives it for free. Those who need it must come to him. Because the medicine is needed in very small amount, we gave some from our own to two families and they came back to us with similar results.

The name of the person is Mahendra Bhai and he lives in a place called Navsari in the state of Gujarat in India. With this post, I request him to start sending his magical medicine to all parts of the world where thousands of parents watch helplessly the agonies of baby constipation. This is a gem of medicinal knowledge that should be spread across the world.