Mindset changes towards a great financial well being

You hate cooking, don’t you? Therefore, you eat out almost everyday or live on cooked or precooked food… and at the end of the month, you always find yourself running out of money. That too you find disgusting. You hate this type of hand to mouth existence and wish you could do something about it. However, trying to increase your income is not an option right now. Moreover, increase in your income may not bring about a financial stability. What you need is a change in your attitude towards life and if you can do that, most of your problems will vanish.

However, changing your attitude towards life is not easy, because such a way of thinking has been born out many years of experience. The first thing that mindset changes towards a great financial well being requires you to do is to believe you can actually change your attitude towards life; that you are not merely a slave of your habit and that you can take life in your own hand and shape the way you want to.

Once you have done that, have a look at your expenses. Living on cooked or precooked food was just an example. There can be other holes in your kitty. Remember, while it is essential to earn more, how you spend it also counts. Therefore, look at each and every expense and ask yourself, if it is really worth spending so much on it. However, before you can do that you will have to give up the casual attitude you have towards money and take note of every penny you spend.

Note down every penny you spend and how you spend it. At the end of a month or two, you will not only become more conscious about money matters, but will know where and how you spend your money. It is now time to sit down with the data you have so gathered to pin point how your money is being drained out. Once you have done that, plugging in the hole is just a matter of willpower. In fact, mindset changes towards a great financial well-being require lots of willpower. You win if you have that and lose if you do not. It is as simple as that.

Let us take the example of eating out or living on cooked food. However, if you can persuade yourself, you will soon find that you actually love cooking, using fresh material rather than packaged vegetable or meat. You will soon find that, it is not only cheaper, but is more nutritious and tastier. You now are richer as well as healthier. Of course, you will still be eating out, but not as regularly as you used to and believe me, you are going to enjoy dining out more because that is going to be an exception rather than regular practice.

There are other ways to save money if you can just change your mindset. Instead of hopping into your car to go to the nearby market, you can take a drive to the nearest farmers’ market to buy in bulk every thing you need. The prices are not only cheaper here, if you look at it from different angle, you can treat as a much-desired outing. Make a shopping list before hand. Using the public transport more and your own car less can also save a lot of money and contribute to your financial well-being.

However, do not neglect your family’s physical well-being for the sake of your financial good health. Make sure that they have all the right amount of nutrient. You do not need to spend a fortune for that. Study a little about such nutrient and the food in which they are found. You will find that a food item need not be expensive to have higher nutrient value. There are plenty of cheap but nutritional food item available today. You only need to change your mindset towards them.

In conclusion, let me mention a few things you can do to save money without compromising on your life style in any major way. They just need a change in the mindset:
•    Make a realistic budget and stick to it
•    Cook at home using fresh vegetable and meat
•    Cook in bulk to save fuel
•    Look for cheap but nutritional food material
•    Make a shopping list and shop in bulk
•    Use private transportation less
•    Put off switches before you leave the room
•    Make telephone calls only when is necessary
•    Look at each expense individually to see if you can cut back on them
•    Be cautious about money matter, but do not be mean