Minecraft Halloween CostumesCredit: Amazon

Originally released in 2009, Minecraft has surpassed all of its competitors and is the now the best-selling PC video game ever made. Despite the fact that it was created as a game for personal computers, it is now available for purchase on many different gaming systems, including PS3 and PS4, xBox 360 and xBox One, Amazon Fire TV, as well as smart phones (in the form of downloadable apps known as “Pocket Editions”). As a result of the tremendous success of this build-and-break game all around the world, Microsoft purchased Minecraft (including Mojang, the company that developed it) on September 14, 2014 for an amazing price of 2.5 billion dollars. Indeed, this sandbox construction game has been so commercially successful that it has permeated almost every household in the world, at least those households with children and young adults. As such, Minecraft Costumes are actively sought by kids and teenagers alike to dress up in for Halloween, as well as to role play with their friends throughout the year.

Minecraft Player Costumes

When starting a game of Minecraft, the game is typically referred to as a “player.” While not all that creative, that title can actually be confirmed by reviewing the Credits after beating the game. However, the reason for this generic title is simple: Minecraft was intended to be a general-neutral game such that the player could be either male or female. Indeed, the gender of the player is of minor importance and certainly takes a back seat to the actual gameplay. The protagonist of Minecraft (e.g., the character that player is using to the play the game) is generally referred to as Steve or Alex. When a new account is being set up, a Minecraft skin, either the Steve skin or the Alex skin, is given to the player based primarily upon the account ID being used. Because of that, children often prefer to dress in a Minecraft Steve Costume or Minecraft Alex Costume for Halloween.

Minecraft Steve Costume

“Steve” is not necessarily the most creative name for a video game character. It is, however, a very popular name with the players, especially since it sprang into existence through the back-room joking of Notch, one of Minecraft’s developers. Indeed, while many assume that Minecraft Steve is a fan-made name, it is actually the official name of one of the two default skins.

The Minecraft Steve Costume is the only commercially available Human Minecraft Halloween Costume currently available on the market. It is essentially a twelve inch cardboard box with printed graphics depicting the face of the player. While the Minecraft mask is made out of cardboard, it is advisable not to underestimate just how well made this disguise actually is. Designed to accurately represent the player’s face, this Human Head reflects his dark brown hair coupled with brownish-colored skin. The eyes in the face are cut out so that the wearer can see while out trick-or-treating. To finish the look of this Minecraft outfit, it should be accompanied by a light blue shirt, blue jeans, and gray colored shoes. However, if accuracy is desired, the shirt should remain untucked in the back, as well as on the left hand side.

Minecraft Mob Costumes

Although some children prefer to dress up as a player and wear a Human Costume, still others elect to wear a Minecraft Head from one of their favorite mobs that are found throughout the game. While the word “mob” is often used to describe a horde of characters or creatures, when used in Minecraft, the term actually means “mobile.” That is because these “mobile” characters are those that roam the world that are not playable by the gamer. Instead, these NPC’s exist in various biomes located within the video game and interact with the players in different ways depending on what type of mobs they are. Generally speaking, there are several main types of mobs including, but not limited to, hostile, neutral, passive, boss, tamable, and utility.

Hostile Mob Costumes

Hostile mobs are precisely what the term suggests. If a player is not gaming in the peaceful or creative settings, these NPC’s will immediately attack any players they see. Every different type of hostile mob possess different skills and will typically chase after the player while using those skills. Because these types of characters generally identify the players by sight, one of the best ways to avoid them is for the player to barricade himself or herself in a well-lit room that is complete with four solid walls, as well as a roof and a floor. However, if the player finds himself or herself far away from the safe house when it gets dark, another way of trying to remain safe is to construct a very tall pillar of blocks to stand upon so he or she is out of reach.