Death by swarm

One day while playing mine craft on Xbox 360 my cousin and I decided to try something new. We had already destroyed most of the cities in the original world we created, so we decided to battle each other. He insisted on collecting an army pack of nine wolves to be exact. I wielded a diamond sword and wore diamond armor, but I was still not ready to take on the wolves.

Wolf respawn

Wolf pack

Wolf Pack

This was a bad idea to begin with but I thought I'd survive with diamond gear.


Have you ever wanted to be that super zombie from your favorite horror film? Sorry, but this won’t help you do that. Here is way to lose all your health and make it look like you got attacked by one. I was never afraid of the dark until one day we were playing in a random world that we generated and some zombies started to attack us. Similar to your typical horror film I caught a case of fear and ran hysterically away from my friends. My Food bar was depleted and my health followed it shortly after. My inventory items included the following: rotten meat, raw chicken, and a flower. I was new to the game and unaware that eating raw or rotten foods could temporarily poison you, so I ate them both. Shortly after I could no longer run, the zombies caught up with me, they growled, and I died.

Zombie kill

Zombie attack


Always carry a weapon when playing minecraft, your friends will thank you for not saving and loading.

Lava Pool

Pushed in lava

Have you ever wanted to try swimming in lava? Don’t even think about it. We went on a 15 minute epic mission to the bottom of the world, we found several diamonds, traversed through unknown caves, collected special ores, and then I fell (got pushed) into a pit of lava. A few moments past, well not really, and my character stopped moving. All of my items burned in the lava. The moral of the story is don’t step in the lava or swim in it because it won’t let you back out.


Falling off cliff

It is always amusing to act out your fears in a video game, but it’s bad when you are forced to face them. We were only trying to get to the other side of a mountain, but this time I had my fun. My cousin put his controller down to do something and while he was away I went to nudge his character to the end of the cliff  that we were on. I thought he would land in the water, but what I did not consider is the fact that he would require more pushing on the way down, or that I might fall down with him. As we went over the edge I tried to move him, and that failed. Since his avatar was in front of mine I was left with no room to move either, so we both fell off the mountain, crash landed, and lost all of our items.

Cliff Jumping


We actually ended up falling because we tried to push one another off of a mountain while we were building a bridge.


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Fire fighting

Flint and Steel can be used for warfare in minecraft if you decide to treat the game like Call Of Duty.  This method is a result revenge on my part. I enjoy flank attacks and sneak attacks in Call of Duty. While my cousin is distracted I always find ways to attack his avatar. He went to his house in a little town that we invaded earlier and he fed his wolves. Since we
Were playing over Xbox live my cousin did not notice that he was being followed and I quietly set a box of TNT in his house, then lit it on fire with flint and steel, and I began to burn the wood surrounding it. This reminded me of a napalm air strike or something similar in Call of Duty. No animals were harmed in the making of this photo.

We hope you enjoyed a short display of our shenanigans during our online gameplay and let me know if you guys come up with anything really creative that we did not include here!

House fire