Why Choose Mineral Face Makeup

The benefits of mineral face makeup are convincing. Look at the reasons below if you have still doubts regarding them:

  • Mineral face makeup does not contain artificial components like oil, wax, and silicone.
  • Mineral face makeup uses natural ingredients which don't cause skin irritation.
  • It might as well be that the tagline for this kind of product is "less is more" because you only have to apply a minimal amount to achieve maximum coverage.
  • It is ideal for people with highly sensitive and acne-prone skin type.
  • It is lightweight and offers excellent result when applied properly. To achieve maximum effect, wash your face thoroughly and put on an appropriate amount of moisturizer before putting on your mineral makeup. To apply the makeup, it would be better to use a natural-hair brush.
  • It is well liked for its long shelf life. You don't have to worry about keeping it on stock for a long time because it remains fresh and usable for a long period. And because it doesn't use an organic ingredient, it isn't likely to shelter bacteria.
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Mineral makeup is the trend in the cosmetic industry that is gaining popularity at an incredible rate. It might be because a lot of people believe it lives up to its claim. Experts define mineral makeup as a type of makeup that does not include talc in its formula. Most regular makeup is consists of about 90% talc. These products include cream, powder, and liquid foundation. Eye shadows, lipstick and some primers, on the other hand, are not included in this statistic.

Even though talc can qualify as a mineral ingredient, it doesn't make for an ideal component for makeup since it reduces the purpose of cosmetics and lends the skin a dull look. Additionally, makeup with talc requires frequent retouch when worn. This makes it a more unlikely candidate for a mineral makeup ingredient.

Many women prefer mineral makeup because of its lightweight feel when applied on the face. Although traditional pressed powder provides sufficient coverage and employs no-fuss application requirement, it is has the tendency to make you look overly made. During hot season, especially, putting on too much pressed powder can clog your pores and cause skin problems.

Traditional makeup also doesn't seem to provide adequate sun protection. It is suggested that you always wear at least SPF30 sunscreen all year long to prevent skin damages caused by too much exposure to UV rays. And although mineral makeup is publicized as hypoallergenic, the possibility of experiencing irritated skin should not be ruled out. You should not rely entirely on what the label indicates. Consult with a professional makeup artist or dermatologist to help you decide on a product that provides the best sun protection.

How to Distinguish Mineral Face Makeup

Mineral face makeup is so popular that there are many so-called mineral products that actually contain synthetic fillers. According to one cosmetic expert, mineral face makeup companies can be classified into two groups. The first one belongs to a group that adheres to the original objective, which is to use 100% natural substances and keep away from synthetic materials. The second group believes in adding fillers, artificial preservatives, and chemicals in their products. While chemical ingredients are necessary to preserve the cosmetics, prevent bacteria, and provide makeup with the right consistency, they contradict with the mineral face makeup's original purpose, which is to provide risk-free alternatives to regular cosmetics.

When purchasing mineral face makeup, check out the ingredients and look out for parabens, perfumes, artificial colors and other synthetic components. It is likely that giant cosmetic companies selling mineral face makeup lines have one or two of these ingredients in their products. To be absolutely sure about your purchase, look for websites that publish safety ratings for thousands of mineral face makeup ingredients and products.

Although it is a fact that most companies that promote mineral face makeup are only taking advantage of consumer preference for natural ingredients, authentic mineral face makeup is not hard to find. When shopping for cosmetics, always make it a point to read the label and be cautious about synthetic ingredients. A real mineral face makeup should not contain any man-made components because that's what makes them different from the rest.

Mineral Face Makeup - How it Began

Essentially, mineral face makeup is not a new invention. In fact, it was already used in ancient times. But it was only in 1970s that the term penetrated the mainstream cosmetics market. During that time, people started gaining consciousness about the wonders of nature and its contributions and putting on mineral face makeup was one of the ways many women use to honor and harmonize with it. Originally, mineral face makeup started appearing in bath and body retail stores. But in 1988, it gained notoriety when a fledgling company called Bare Escentuals decided to introduce this type of products to the masses. It was a sensation and it spurred a mineral face makeup revolution that was embraced by many cosmetic companies.

Types of Mineral Face Makeup

Mineral face makeup comes in different types but it is most commonly associated with foundation. If you're interested in the best product out there read "Mineral Face Makeup Foundation - Review about MineralHygienics Top Rated Product and The 7 Great Benefits of Using It". Consumers can buy mineral blush, eye shadow, and even lipstick for the face makeup. An authentic mineral face makeup is recognized through its all-natural ingredients which do not exceed beyond five ingredients per make up item. Mineral face makeup also utilizes plant extracts, natural oils and waxes to give each product a calming appeal.

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