This is a short presentation of Mineral Hygienics Makeup Foundation – a top rated product online and some real users reviews. Mineral makeup (foundation) is the latest buzz in the beauty industry these days, and almost all beauty companies have joined in on the trend. With a promise to enhance your complexion, give you sun protection, and eliminate harsh chemicals from your beauty staples, this carries all the answers. But is this make up really everything it claims to be, or is it just another hype trying to pull in some sales?

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Mineral Hygienics Makeup Foundation

MineralHygienics offers a very good selection of bismuth free cosmetics. And one of their top product is the Starter Custom Kit that includes: 2 shades of Mineral Hygienics SPF Makeup Foundation (you can choose your shades), MineralHygienics Warm Kiss enhancer (you can change this) , MineralHygienics Sheer Perfection - Translucent finishing powder, Flawless Face Brush, Full Coverage Kabuki Brush, Wonder Cover Concealer Brush and a detailed How-To Guide.

Mineral Hygienics Makeup Foundation - The Benefits

  • Long Lasting Coverage
  • Allows your skin to breathe
  • Fewer Ingredients
  • SPF Protection
  • You'll have a Natural Glow
  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin
  • NOT made with Bismuth Oxychloride

Mineral Hygienics have on their site a wonderful section that guide you through the process of selecting the best shade for your skin tone. They have 14 different tones: Fairest, Fair, Fairly Light, Light Mineral Makeup Foundation, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Golden Mineral Makeup Foundation, Fairly Tan Mineral Makeup Foundation, Light Tan, Medium Tan Mineral Makeup Foundation, Dark Tan Mineral Makeup Foundation, Dark Golden Tan, Dark, and Deep Mineral Makeup Foundation.

Look at some users relevant reviews from all over the world who describe the product in 5 or less words: Alicia: "Pure, Amazing, Cruelty-Free", Kathleen: "Finally Itch-Free!", Trude Gersitz: "Best Mineral Makeup Foundation so far", Sara from India: "Very Satisfied!", Emilie: So excited!", Britt Denmark: "Finally satisfied!", Elizabeth B.: "Perfect for Australia!", Lorena Houston Texas: "What a difference!", Nicole Peoria IL: "PUTS BAREMINERALS TO SHAME", Tina Reina NJ Belvidere Day Spa: "Amazing", Elizabeth Long Saint Louis Missouri : "Best Make up Ever!", Kristin Menath San Diego CA : "Couldn't ask for more!", Valerie McFadden Atlanta GA : "I'm a believer!". And the list continue - with more testimonials - you can for sure relate to some of them.

What most consumers like about MineralHygienics products, though, is its effect on skin or lack thereof. Its claim to have used one hundred percent natural substances makes it safer for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Other users emphases the fact that the elimination of irritants like perfumes, dyes, and preservatives makes this make up more wholesome and gentler to the skin. Additionally, the presence of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide lend an anti-inflammatory characteristic to this make up, making it ideal for skin that often experiences breakouts.

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