Why Choose Mineral Makeup

The benefits of mineral makeup are plentiful and convincing. What's more, it suits any skin type and color. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using mineral makeup:

  • Mineral makeup uses natural ingredients which don't cause skin irritation like standard makeup does. It will not give you dry skin, won't clogged pores, or cause any allergic reaction.The ingredients are derived from minerals that are inert, which means they don't provoke any reaction. This is why mineral makeup does not affect the skin in any way.
  • It is ideal for people with highly sensitive and acne-prone skin type. If you have an existing skin problem, using mineral makeup will not aggravate the condition of your skin. In fact, using mineral foundation helps in absorbing oil so the skin looks fresh throughout the day. Because mineral makeup is comedogenic, it does not clog the pores and won't irritate the skin.
  • Mineral makeup does not contain artificial components like oil, wax, and silicone. Best of all, it is anti-inflammatory, which reduces the chances of breakouts. It can help soothe irritated and dry skin. Because of the minerals' inert characteristic, it prevents bacteria from invading your skin. People with sensitive skin and skin allergies do not have to worry about harmful effects when using mineral makeup.
  • It might as well be that the tagline for this kind of product is "less is more". You only have to apply a minimal amount to achieve maximum coverage. This makes it light to wear and ideal for people who don't like the feeling of being too made up when wearing makeup. The most effective makeup is the kind that blends with your features naturally. Mineral makeup can cover up imperfections naturally without making you look like you are trying too hard.

When purchasing mineral makeup, check out the ingredients and look out for parabens, perfumes, artificial colors and other synthetic components. It is likely that giant cosmetic companies selling mineral makeup lines have one or two of these ingredients in their products. To be absolutely sure about your purchase, look for websites that publish safety ratings for thousands of mineral makeup ingredients and products.


Critics, on the other hand, rant about its tendency to dry and irritate skin. Others claim that it highlights wrinkles and makes them look older than their age. Some don't like its ashy undertone because it clashes with ethnic skins.

Full Review

Covering Flaws Naturally with Mineral Make Up

Mineral makeup is the new trend in the cosmetic industry that utilizes all-natural ingredients. Genuine mineral makeup contains no chemicals, artificial colorings, and scents. It is produced by powdering naturally occurring minerals. Because of its natural ingredients, it is safer and healthier to use compared to standard makeup, which uses harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

The Different Brands of Mineral Makeup

Bare Escentuals- considered as the frontrunner of mineral makeup, it consistently leads the market of mineral cosmetics. The name of the brand perfectly encapsulates every woman's wish to have in her makeup kit, the bare essentials. Its most popular product is the Bare Minerals Spf 15 Foundation.

Aromaleigh- it is a controversial brand that received a lot of strong comments from customers. People like their line of mineral makeup because it is said to complement older faces. Customers can also experiment with shades using the individual pigment colors that the company is offering. Their website provides ample product information, advice on how to put on mineral makeup, and a list of their products' ingredients.

Afterglow Cosmetics- it is a relatively small company that places products on online shopping sites. It has received positive reviews from their customers because according to them, their products can enhance skin appearance. They are also lightweight and last for a long time without the need for retouch. Their makeup has a subtle glow to give users a more natural look.

L'Oreal Mineral Make Up- it is the first among cosmetic giant companies that joined the mineral makeup bandwagon. Their current line includes a brush in the packaging. According to consumers, their makeup gives better coverage than other brands. It is affordable, natural looking, easy to apply, and comes in attractive packaging.

Youngblood- most of their products are available in spas and clinics but are slowly gaining recognition in the mainstream market. However, their products need proper application technique to achieve desired results. According to customers, their makeup covers flaws and redness, and it minimizes skin pores.

In Closing

Mineral make ups are suitable for all skin complexions, so even if you have very fair or dark skin, there is always something that would certainly match your skin tone.

Sure enough, you would want to make use of products which are made from all-natural ingredients; hence, this type of makeup impeccably fits the bill. This is absolutely among the most excellent organic beauty products which can be purchased online and in several department stores.