The mini beer keg dispenser is becoming more and more popular for people that want cold tap beer at home. Buying a mini beer keg dispenser is more practical than turning a mini fridge into a kegerator. Here is the most important factor that you should consider before you purchase a mini beer keg dispenser.
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Your taste in beer, it's all about that perfect ice cold beer

Heineken has come out with a Beer Tender that works with their five liter Heineken Draughtkeg only. This is because Heineken Draughtkegs have their own internal pressure system. If you enjoy drinking Heineken the Beer Tender is ideal. An ice cold Heineken from a tap at home is almost like drinking ice cream for some people. If your taste in beer is a little bit more broad, the Beer Tender may not be for you.

There are several mini beer keg dispensers made to accommodate a wider selection of beer. So if you enjoy sampling other ice cold beer flavors, there is no need to worry, they make a mini beer keg dispenser for you as well. The mini beer keg dispenser for you may require a separate CO2 kit. With the CO2 attachment your mini fridge kegerator will be able to work with a wider variety of mini kegs. If you plan on using a mini fridge kegerator at a party, this is your best option. There are mini beer fridges that do not even require the purchase of an attachment as well.

Here is a list of mini beer keg dispensers that Amazon sells to help you find the best price.

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The best advice for somebody that is interested in having tap beer at home. Go with something that can give you an ice cold beer that you love. All of the mini beer fridges are going to look sweet. If you are getting one for the party you have coming up, do your research thoroughly before you choose a mini fridge kegerator. With a little bit of searching and comparing prices of mini fridge kegerators, your favorite ice cold beer will be on tap in your home.