One really great choice for your window is mini blinds. Because they are made of so many small strips of blinds, they give you a stunning amount of control over the light that you let into your room - you just need to adjust the angle of your mini blind to either let in more light, or block out more light.

Another great reason to buy mini blinds is their cost - they are remarkably cheap for what you get, and compared to other blinds. They are also remarkably long lasting, making them cheap as a long term investment.

Min blinds come in a really wide range of styles, and can be made from a wide range of materials. Vinyl blinds are incredibly popular, a perennial favourite, but aluminium blinds are also becoming more widely used, and you can even find wood mini blinds if you want. The come in a range of colors too, from white through to black.

Vinyl mini blinds are perhaps the most popular kind of mini blinds ever to be made. They can be mass produced and are therefore easy for the manufacturer to make, and vinyl is a fairly low cost material, which helps to keep the cost of manufacture down, and therefore to keep the mini blinds price down when they are in the shops. The vinyl mini blind is also popular because it is a very long lasting material, that will withstand a lot of abuse over time, while still looking good and continuing to do its job of keeping the sunlight out. Additionally, they are incredibly easy to clean - just wipe with a duster, and usually you are done.

Aluminum mini blinds are gaining in popularity, although will never be able to be produced as cheaply as vinyl blinds. Their metallic look, often a brushed metal look, is incredibly popular among the style conscious, and among those who want a modern look to their home or office. They can be more difficult to look after, and clean - although a quick wipe will be enough to see off dust, aluminum blinds can require specialist materials for a proper clean. They are also less flexible than vinyl, and so dents tend to show more.

Black mini blinds are increasingly coming into vogue, although they remain very much a niche market. They look great not just in a black room, but set against a room that is painted white they can make a strong statement.

Mini blinds are, as I noted above, not usually too expensive, and cheap mini blinds can be found at almost any discount outlet. Searching the internet will also provide plenty of bargains for the eager blind shopper. Bear in mind that less fashionable styles and materials (especially vinyl blinds) will be the cheapest, but you do need to make sure that they are something you will be happy with, and that your mini blinds are durable enough to last and provide you with continued value for money over many years.