We love our garages however we are not apprehensive towards the use of metal carport kits for providing shelter to our cars in absence of a concrete shade. In a similar vein, we still love our concrete homes made in the traditional format but we are getting very warm towards a new and pleasant avalanche; these are the mini cabin kits. To understand it we have to talk about what it isn't despite being believed to be. Well! The cabin kits are not a pre-built home.

If there was ever a misnomer, here is it- a pre-built home is a pre fabricated home that can be built entirely in an operated factory and then transported via truck to be assembled at the place of your choice. These homes or cabins are completely plumbed, wired, furnished and ready for use within 2 months of ordering. It takes a day to install them and a week to finally move in. Now that we explained a pre fabricated home, let us reiterate that cabin kits are quite different contrary to the perception that has been held by masses.

Cabin kits are assembly units that may be required to make such homes. Homes can be constructed in many formats and acreage. For those purposes, the type and size of materials differ. The central idea is to buy according to your specifics. In fact, it is not a prerequisite to buy all the materials from the same kit seller. Mini cabin kits have acreage of 80 square feet and must not extend beyond 320 square feet in any case. In such an event, your plan is disapproved by site inspectors and your kits are left in the manner they are.

You can construct state-of-art mini log cabins with the help of these kits. These are moisture resistant and hence do not face molds. They are highly durable and the interlocked designs offer them structural strength of a high degree. Thus, you can rest assured that these portable non-concrete stuffs can fight weather reverses perfectly. You can build with the help of rafters and joists, ceilings, floorings and walls available to you in the kit. The doors are large and allow the furniture to get in without any ado. If you have rudimentary carpentry skills, you can use the kits DIY way to create your cabins; if not then you can assume help of some professional for the purpose.

These cabins are well-lit and well-ventilated as these are the guiding principles of the format. They are usually done in 4" x 6 "tongue and groove log. They can be embellished with floor coverings and various internal units for aesthetic purposes. You can even use a fireplace inside but for that the basement has to be encroached upon. While buying the kits, read many testimonials; this will allow you to make an informed decision. You will also get the opportunity of comparing from among many quotes. Internet campus is flushed with arbitrage discounts and thus the final product reaching out to you may be discounted for freight and delivery fee