A mini chocolate fountain is a great way to display a beautiful dessert at your next dinner party and to get your guests involved.

Most people have seen those large chocolate fountains that are on display at large buffets or at that dessert table at the wedding reception.  There is usually a very large one set up with trays of fruit and other goodies that you will put the chocolate on, or dip into the well or “chocolate falls”.

But if you would like to have the same type of dessert setup at home, but don’t want something that large, you could use a small fondue set designed for melting chocolate, or you can get a mini chocolate fountain which is pretty as well as functional and edible. 

These make it easier to dip fruit such as strawberries and pineapple in, and it is fun.  These smaller versions of that big one you saw at the wedding are perfect for a small family dinner or dinner party of 4 to 6 people.

These are an affordable option, and will do very much the same thing as the larger versions.  Purchase a quality chocolate and let it melt in the bottom pot of this smaller fountain and once heated up it will send it up two tiers and let it fall into the bowls below creating the “falls” which are quite pretty. 

You simply serve a platter of fruit along with some fondue style forks if you have any, and let your guests coat the fruit in the chocolate falls that form.Mini Chocolate Fountains

This is a great dessert option, and since most people find chocolate hard to resist, you can pretty much guarantee that this will go over well and be a grand finale to your great dinner. 

Nostalgia CFF-965 Mini Chocolate Fondue Fountain with 2-Tier TowerFondue Sets & Accessories)

You need to use a good chocolate for a tasty fountain and fruit.  You can use white chocolate as well for a great flavour.  The unit comes with some recipe ideas.

As more and more people are entertaining at home again, many home party accessories are on the market, even the punch bowl is back in style, along with fondue pots and crock pots.

Invite friends over for a pot luck dinner and you will put on the dessert.  These mini chocolate fountains are not very big, and come apart easily for cleaning.  They can be stored in your kitchen, and quickly put together.

If you like to entertain or have dinner parties, then consider a mini chocolate fountain for your next gathering, and enjoy fruit covered chocolate for dessert just like you would get at larger parties.

You can find these units at party supply stores, as well as most department stores are carrying more entertainment accessories for your kitchen or backyard patio that are easy to use.  You don’t need a very big one for your intimate dinner parties, so make sure to look out for a mini chocolate fountain.

You can also get these online at such sites as Amazon.  These also make great gift ideas.