The Mini Cooper is one of the most popular cards in the world today. The car was originally known as the model Mini Minor which started production in 1959 and was in production until the year 2000. The car was made by British Motor Corporation and was a classic in the car industry. It was the European car of the century and was second only to the Model T Ford for the title of global car of the century. 

In the 1960s Mini cars were considered very modern and everyone wanted to buy one. After a brief lull in the 1980s the Mini Cooper was launched in 1995 by BMW. It is still extremely popular and the cars include the Countryman, Clubman and the Coupe.

It is extremely important to follow the Mini Cooper maintenance schedule for the car so that no issues are faced during the ownership of the car. The cars dashboard shows details pertaining to the service interval and requirements. Issues with the brake fluid, brake pads filters etc. have warning lights associated with them. A person who owns the Mini Cooper needs to be familiar with the service requirements, about when to replace the tires and wiper blades, and other parts that may be subjected to wear and tear. All parts and accessories can be found online like on eBay, and also from authorized dealers and workshops.

Types of servicing: Servicing for Mini Coopers can be of three types which is oil change, service 1 or service 2. 

Oil change: This involves a check of the interior cabin filter, parking brake as well as brake pads and rotors. In case of any issues the oil and filter are changed, and brake pad contact points of clean and wheel hubs greased thoroughly.

Service 1 - This is also called the minor service in which the following are checked thoroughly:  Exhaust system, transmission fluid, tires, coolant system and fluid levels, interior and exterior lights, battery, steering related components, wipers and windscreen washers, brakes, clutch and airbags. In this servicing the oil and filter changed, brake pads replaced if needed, wheels are aligned if necessary and the service interval is reset.

Service 2 - Also called the major service, in this the air filter element, brake fluid, coolant, and serpentine belt are checked thoroughly. Most of the actions taken are similar to the minor service besides which the oxygen sensor and spark plugs are replaced if the car has run 100,000 miles. The service interval is also reset.

Although the above forms a typical servicing schedule for the Mini Cooper, it is better to check the owner's manual for more detailed information. If you go to a garage that carries out Mini Cooper servicing they will follow a checklist which may be a little varied than the schedule given above.

When service is due the service light will indicate it. If you ignore the warning it may damage the engine and lead to costly repairs.

Other requirements

In addition to the service schedule there are various things that you may need to carry out on your own. The fluid levels need to be checked regularly in addition to the oil and coolant levels at least once a month. This is especially important if you're going on long journey so that you do not face a breakdown on the way.

You must make sure that the tire size and type is correct and conforms to the details given in the owner's manual. It is better to replace the tires before they get worn out preferably at the tread depth of 3 mm. When the tires wear out the car will take more time to come to a stop when you apply the brakes.

The tire pressure should be checked once a month and prior to going on a long trip. If the tire pressure falls it can indicate a slow puncture. On the other hand inflated tires may increase braking distance and reduce grip. In the tire pressure is not correct the fuel consumption will increase and tires may get damaged as well. Details of the recommended pressure for the tires are given in the Mini Cooper owner?s manual. The spare tire should also be checked thoroughly periodically.

All accessories should also be checked for wear and tear. This includes the wipers and wiper blades, the exterior of the vehicle and parts of the car which may tend to last including the paint.