Mini Envelopes
Have you ever had guests over for games? Maybe you're having a children's birthday party and you want to give them each a special little gift. Have you ever received a gift card in the mail? Have you ever received or sent a Thank You note to a client? Well, mini envelopes are fantastic for clues, notes, or little bits of information. They can also be very useful and fun for a variety of activities and events.

The size of the envelope makes it easy to find. They are available in many stores that provide party and novelty supplies and can also be found on various websites on the internet that cater to the individual wants and needs for this product. If you're looking for the unique look these envelopes come in almost every color and design. And if you're looking for a specific purpose they can be made in custom colors, designs, shapes/sizes, and thicknesses. Different quantities are available depending on your budget and event demand. The most common size is 2 1/4" x 3 3/4" and come in a pack of 50- 100 envelopes. They can be purchased for as low as $4.00 plus shipping. So, be aware when starting to shop.

When shopping for a unique product like this it's always good to have a idea of the event /activity in mind. How do you narrow down your search for the right size, design, and color of your envelope . For example, for a children's party you might want a variety of different colors for each child, in a balloon design, and big enough for a little message or gift card inside. So, narrow down the type of envelope depending on the theme of the event. You can also choose according to the type of person(s) to whom you'll be sending /giving out the mini envelope.

Now that you've made your choice it's time to decide the quantity you will need to fit your budget/event. Your choice of mini envelopes can be purchased in various quantities depending on design, color, size, shape, and availability. This in turn determines the price of your purchase . If you think that you might use these again, suchas, business luncheons, it could be a good idea to buy a larger quantity now and save yourself some money and time. And, if you're simply buying for a single specialized event(eg. a birthday party) then it would be a good idea to purchase a "stock" item to keep the cost in line. You can even purchase glassine envelopes which are great for food items and party favors.

In the end, it's all about having fun, being creative, and providing something unique !