If you're looking to buy a mini fridge to store alcohol in, then I'd highly recommend a lockable mini fridge to prevent kids from stealing your liquor. Obviously you don't want kids to break into your alcohol. Mini fridges with locks will ensure the safety of your beer and alcoholic beverages in your rec room. Mini fridges are perfect mini bars to use inside your rec room. When you have a buddy over, it is nice to enjoy a cold refreshment while watching television, playing pool, or enjoying any other kind of source of entertainment. Down below are some of the best mini fridges with locks to purchase online.

Edgstar Mini Fridges with Locks

The Edge Star 1.5 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Freeze with Lock is one of the best mini fridge freezers to purchase for home, or office use. It's one the smaller compact refrigerators out on the market. It features a black cabinet with a stainless steel door. It's a completely lockable mini fridge, where only the key holder can open it. It's very versatile as well. A reversible door allows you to change the door swing to your preference. You can use as a freezer as well to store steaks, chickens, ice, meats, and other frozen foods. The CFR150SS full range thermostat goes from 0-40 degrees. It's a light compact fridge that only weighs 45 pounds. It's not too difficult to move. You can purchase online at compact appliance for reasonable prices around a hundred dollars.


Compact Freezer Refrigerator with Lock - Stainless Steel

Summit Mini Fridges with Locks

A Summit lockable mini fridge is a little more expensive, but Summit provides some of the best refrigerators out on the market. The Summit MB24L - Silent Mini-bar features a front lock that can't be broken into. The perfect personal storage mini fridge cooler for alcoholic beverages, foods, and other drinks to be stored in. It's the perfect party fridge to store goodies in. It's one of the bigger compact refrigerators out on the market. Plenty of storage room if you have something a little bigger in mind. It's a silent operating noise resistant fridge that won't cause a distraction. An automatic defrost is featured as well. It's the smallest Summit mini refrigerator out on the market, but it is still one of the more spacious ones. It's 100% CFC free and you can adjust the metal shelves yourself. A door storage is included as well. Prices cost around $300 dollars. It's one of the more sophisticated modern fridges out on the market. You can purchase online at AJ Madison, gala source, and savinglots.com for prices slightly under $300 dollars.

Compact Freezer Refrigerator with Lock - Stainless Steel

Digital Mini Fridges with Locks

Everything seems to be digital these days, so why not a lockable digital mini fridge? One of the best ones is being sold online at dutch guard for pretty reasonable price. the LCD digital readout will allow you to control the temperature settings for your beverages and foods. The hot and cold thermoelectric cooler is the best feature. Other key features include an interior light, 20 liter capacity, two different adapters to use for cars or homes, a glass see through window, three adjustable levels, a drip tray, and slide out shelf. It's also a silent operating mini refrigerator as well. It comes with a chrome self locking door hand, and control buttons as well. No one will mess with your drinks and foods. You'll be able to preserve cold or hot air as well with this sealed lockable mini fridge. The perfect portable mini fridge for rec rooms, bed rooms, offices, or to travel with for vacations and camp outs. Prices cost a little over a hundred dollars.

Expensive Mini Fridges with Locks

If you live alone, or with a small household, or you're in college, then I'd recommend this mini fridge above all else. If you're looking to store food, sodas, and other drinks, then extra storage room is provided. It's a mini fridge with extra storage room, but it is very expensive as well. It costs over $2,000 dollars online at AJ Madison. However, it is going for sale though. Extra storage room is provided with its 32 inch pull out drawer. The Acme RGB32 Guest Bar is a 6.0 cubic foot fridge that features an automatic defrost that's removable, along with a 30 pound capacity freezer section. A reversible door hinge, interior light, a dairy compartment, and a magnetic door gasket are all featured. Both the drawer and the fridge is lockable. It can be used as a traditional or mini fridge. You can purchase it in colors white, black, almond, grey, birch, light or dark oak, walnut, brushed chrome, and mahogony.