For many gardeners the growing season just isn't long enough. It's also true that for many people, a large greenhouse just is not an option due to space or cost issues. There is an alternative, however, through the use of mini greenhouses. Having the ability to extend the growing season is certainly something that many people would enjoy. Planting seeds before the ground is warm enough or giving seedlings a place to get comfortable before going into the garden are just two ways to have more gardening time. Keeping your garden going long after the season is over, or protecting vulnerable plants can also allow a gardener to enjoy his passion almost, if not, year round.

There are a wide variety of ways to keep you busy with some type of gardening. The important part is to keep the soil and air warm enough to keep the plants alive and growing. A simple cold frame can be used and is portable. Add a nice thick layer of a straw based compost about a foot under your cold frame and turn it into a hot box. Find the sunniest part of your yard and put up a lean-to of heavy, but clear, plastic and you can plant under it. Attach the lean-to to the side of your house and have the added benefit of a radiant heat from the wall of the house. While this type of structure represents the most basic option, there are other types of houses available that are much more extravagant. Depending upon your needs and available budget, there are greenhouses that can be outfitted with stationary benches and even with basic climate control.

There are a number of do-it-yourself plans available in most garden stores that will provide you with simple, easy to follow and fairly inexpensive ways to create small sheds used for gardening. Many will even have a few different types of ready made portable greenhouses available for purchase. A greenhouse kit is a great way to go, particularly if you're looking for a simple solution and don't want to fuss with a difficult setup. Kits can be purchased through a variety of online retailers and also from many local garden centers depending upon where you live. There is no reason to sit and count the days until the dates in the Farmer's Almanac any more. With a little work and ingenuity you can satisfy our passion for gardening year round.