Here is one way to save money and live green

Regular People, Tiny Houses

Living green and saving money on heating bills just got a lot easier for anyone who purchased a "Tiny House" recently. The reason being? Because some of their houses are a mere 96 square feet. In order to understand how truly amazing that is, I should point out the average size of an American home is 2,320 square feet.  John Edward's owns a home in Orange County clocking in at 28,000 square feet.

While it might seem like an intense lifestyle change I think we can all agree the idea of paying 1/23th of our normal gas bill while reducing our carbon footprint speaks both to our wallet and our inner flower child.  Most tiny homes are mobile, and small enough to be parked in your friend from out of states' back yard. An extension cord running from the garage is a sufficient power source for the tiny homes needs, but you will also be living without your 62 inch LCD tv. Tiny homes utilize the 96 feet through many clever tactics; the bed might fold into the wall, creating a space you use to entertain guests (albeit a small number of guests), kitchens are tucked (literally) into a nook where food is cooked with propane. When people consider propane to be too much of a luxury, they opt for a more environmentally friendly 100% vegetable oil fueled stove.  High rollers indeed!

Living in one of these houses requires getting rid of many of your earthly possessions, so say farewell to the big screen tv and all the clothes you haven't worn in a few years. A few small closets are sufficient to store the necessary clothing options, but does not lend itself nicely to excess.

Let's talk for a moment about what's on all our minds when we think about tiny homes. Where and how does one use the bathroom? Some people opt for a camper style toilet which can be stored in a closet. Others might go with a more creative design, placing the toilet in the shower. Others go a little further, and turn the waste into what is charmingly referred to as "humanure" and used as a fertilizer for flowers.

Whether or not tiny homes are for everyone, one must respect their ingenuity.