Mini log cabins are a lot of fun. You can use it as a hunting cabin, a summer retreat, a home away from home when your wife kicks you out of the big house, a guest house, and even a fancy playhouse for the kids to use.

If you have a little bit of basic carpentry and a friend or two you can usually assemble a mini log cabin kit in one or two days.

Mini log cabin kits are cheaper than pre-fabricated log cabins. The delivery and freight fees are also much less than a pre-fabricated log cabin.

There are countless companies that sell mini log cabin kits. You can find many of them by doing Google Log Cabinsearches for "Mini-Log Cabin Kits".

Some log cabin companies refer to mini log cabins as any log cabin that is under 2000 square feet. A true mini log cabin is any cabin that is under 320 square feet.

When purchasing a log cabin kit there are many variations in quality available. A quality mini log cabin kit may come with tongue and groove log. Each company offers different kits.

You can greatly expand the square footage of your mini log cabin by digging out a basement. This will also increase the cost. You will have the labor for digging the basement as well as the concrete costs. The costs for a basement in a mini log cabin can easily pay off with all of the extra room. You can either use the basement for storage or make a "master suite" that is located in the basement of you mini log cabin.

If you want a fireplace in your mini log cabin then this will drastically increase the cost of your mini log cabin.

Foundations used for mini log cabin kits are almost always concrete or concrete blocks. If you have never poured concrete it is highly recommended that you are a professional construction company to pour the concrete and build the forms for your cabins foundation. A properly built foundation will ensure that your mini log cabin will last for many generations.

When purchasing mini log cabin kits from out of state and having it delivered do not order the shingles and other roofing supplies from the log cabin dealer. You will have to pay freight and it is much easier and cheaper to purchase the shingles for you log cabin at your local Lowe's or Home Depot.

When purchasing a log cabin kit do not rush yoru decision. You want to take the time to plan out what you truly want in a log cabin, what your budget affords, and also you may need to get a building permit depending upon the are you live.