People dream of owning big houses and bungalows with lush gardens. But for those who wish to enjoy solitude, there’s no better place than a mini log cabin. A mini log cabin is a smaller version of the log cabin, no bigger than 320 square feet. Indeed, there are many companies which market even 1000 square feet cabins as mini log cabins, but an authentic one is compact and takes less space.

People build mini log cabins for various reasons. First of all a house made from tree logs is a pleasure to the eyes. A log cabin reminds us of the farmer’s hut which we used to hear in fairy tales. Inside a log cabin, you feel closer to the nature, emotionally uplifted and comfortable. A mini log cabin can be used as a hunting cabin, picnic spot, storage room or just as a place for spending leisure time.

If you have enough space in your lawn or backyard, then a mini log cabin will not only add to the beauty of the place but also provide you utilizable space. While constructing a mini log cabin, it is important to lay a concrete foundation on which the cabin would stand. To add space inside the cabin, some people dig up the earth and create a basement under the cabin. If you wish to make such a mini log cabin then it is strongly advised that you hire the services of a professional home builder company.  A properly build foundation is the first step towards constructing a mini log cabin that would last for generations.

Constructing a mini log cabin is simple and if you have minimal carpentry skills, then you can create your cabin in two to three days. But if you are a perfectionist and do not want to take risks, then hiring professional home-builders would be the best idea. One of the best ways to build a mini log cabin is to purchase mini log cabin kits. There are several companies which sell mini log cabin kits, consisting of logs of woods, carpentry materials, frames etc, which you need to assemble over a foundation in order to construct the cabin. 

One of the most popular mini log cabin kits are manufactured by Lowes Homebuilder Company. The Lowes log cabin kits are easy to assemble and help you to put up your log cabin quickly. This helps in avoiding the frustration and tiredness that you might feels if you were to start off with from scratch. Although mini log cabin kits are a wonderful tool to build your log cabin of dreams, it is advisable that you assemble the materials under the supervision of a carpenter.

If you are ordering the mini log cabin kits from a distant place and getting the same delivered to your house via freight, then make sure that you limit the components of the kit only to those items which are absolutely necessary. Items like shingles and other roof supplies can be easily purchased from you r local home store. Paying extra for the transportation of these items would be a waste of money. Mini log cabin kits come in a variety of design and styles. You can go through the company catalogs and select your design.