It is always possible for a person to live the dream of log-cabin living even if their budget and lifestyle needs to not allow them to take on the possibility of owning a full-sized residence. Full size log cabins are an excellent choice and have many aspects about them that most fall in love with, but this option is not necessarily available for everyone.

Mini log cabins are able to provide the full charm and beauty that classic full sized log homes offer. These cabins can range anywhere from 90 square feet, to 320 square feet and offer a considerable amount of luxury for anyone’s lifestyle. These types of cabins are great for many occasions, and are becoming increasingly popular for middle-class families. They are commonly utilized for hunting cabins, weekend retreats, backyard playhouses, campground resort cabins, storage sheds, and work rooms. 

These pre built mini cabins can easily be constructed on sturdy concrete slabs. Easy to build small cabins are also set upon wooden skids, piers, or virtually anywhere there is a flat spot. The majority of these smaller cabins are very compact, but don’t be fooled they can accommodate many different things just as a full-scale residence can. They are known for accommodating baths, bedrooms, kitchens, porches, and a dining nook as well. Porches can generally be constructed in a 15 to 19 foot size, and these cabins can also be expanded to allow for more living space all while adding nothing to the footprint with the use of a loft. 

Most cabins of this size are built using a 4”, by 6” single tongued grooved log. Kits are also used that come with all of the hardware that is needed to assemble a kit. Quite a large amount of optional materials are available for these cabins as well. These include flooring to add a unique style to the cabin. Rafters are also used to increase the overall look and feel of the cabin. Loft joists are yet another piece that adds beauty and resilience to the small log cabin. T&G ceilings along with knotty pines are also available exclusively for smaller cabins. Western red cedar ceilings are also another advantage with using smaller types of log cabins. 

Many of these mini log cabins also include the option for doors and windows, it really just depends on the unique style, and look and feel of what the resident is looking for that will determine what materials are used in the construction of the cabin.

Permits are not required for this size of building and this is why it is a popular choice for commercial use as well, because there are no inspections or other types of fees that come along as opposed to larger sized buildings.

Mini cabins are also a great idea when used with solar cells, or batteries. This type of equipment is used to power the cabin and can be found for fairly cheap because of the modern advances in technology. Unlike larger buildings, the rules of having to set up a fire plan before construction of the building even takes place does not apply to smaller cabins.