Mini Lop Rabbits make the best pet bunnies. They are a great choice if you're thinking of choosing a pet for your child. You think the Dwarf Lop makes for the perfect pet rabbit, wait till you have experienced the cuteness, fascination, endless fun and marvel that is the mini lop rabbit.

The mini lop rabbit

The Mini Lop is one of the smallest types of rabbits. They weight just a little over 3lbs. That's about the weight of a small laptop computer or two ipads. And let's face it a mini lop rabbit is a much cuter gadget to have around.

The sweet nature of a mini lop bunny

The mini lop family of rabbits are well known for having a cute, relaxed nature. That's what makes these a great choice as a first pet for any kid. And it helps that they are cute, with doeful eyes, a little twitchy button nose and a little hoppity hop. They tend to be inquisitive creatures who like to play around in the garden and they don't mind soft and gentle handling from people, including strangers.

Mini Lop Rabbit Food

As dwarf rabbits, the mini lop has a tiny stomach which can be sensitive, so you can't just feed your dwarf bunny anything. Usually grass hay made from meadow, oat, rye, barley or timothy works well, dried food and green vegetables including broccoli, sprouts, kale, cabbage, celery, lettuce, dandelion greens - but introduce each new food slowly, and start with grass hay first. You can buy commercial pet rabbit food containing cereals and nuts but it's good to mix with fresh hay and vegetables. When you buy a mini lop bunny from a breeder - ask them what they have been feeding on and slowly wean them off.

Overheating: when you rabbit is too hot

Rabbits in general tend to get too hot more easily than they get too cold. If you do keep them outside, keep them in a sheltered spot, away from the harsh glare of the sun and get a rabbit pen that has a covered area. Even though they are small, you should give them a generous-sized rabbit hutch and ensure it has lots of straw and hay in it for them to feed off and to keep them warm. During harsh weather conditions, bring them inside - the garage is a good place.

Dwarf rabbit breeding

As with all rabbits, mini lops are fast breeders. If you're just keeping them as pets, consider neutering the male (buck) and doe (female). Otherwise, you're going to need a bigger rabbit hutch very soon!

Mini Lop Rabbits on Sale

There are many specialist breeders who sell mini lop rabbits also have other lop eared bunnies for sale. You can also buy them from auctions and farmer's markets. And of course, good pet stores. Make sure you are buying from someone who knows their rabbits - ask a lot of questions and see how knowledgeable they appear. Look for a lively rabbit and study closely for any signs of physical trauma or abnormality, distress or lethargy.