People spend money on all kinds of crazy things these days. One of the latest crazes that has hit the US in the pas few years is that of mini motorcycles, or pocket bikes. These tiny bikes are good for not only children but also adults. They're even races now using pocket bikes which are somewhat of a major hit in Japan and even the US. The best thing of all about pocket bikes is that they are fairly cheap and you can get some as low as $200. In the following article I will explain features a pocket bikes and how you can obtain one for yourself.

You can get a pocket bike in all different shapes and sizes. Their engine sizes range from as small as 49cc to around 110cc for the racing variety. Depending on what you will be using them for, the smaller size or the larger size might be best. Obviously if you won't be doing any racing you can save yourself quite a bit of money by going with a smaller pocket bike.

Pocket BikesYou have to be careful with pocket bikes because the mini bikes are not exactly street legal in most states. But you can freely use them on dirt tracks or go kart racing courses and around your neighborhood if that kind of thing is allowed. Most pocket bikes lack the safety features available in most full-size motorcycles. If you do decide to go racing then please make sure that you wear full safety gear including a full-size helmet. Pocket bikes may seem like toys but they most certainly are not. In fact they can be more dangerous than a full sized bike if you don't know what you're doing.

There's also another variety of pocket bikes known as super pocket bikes which are just highly modified pocket bikes used for racing. A big trend in the pocket bike community is buying a regular pocket bike and modifying it with several improvements which increase the speed by quite a bit. But if you're in the market for a super pocket bike straight out of the dealership be aware that the price difference is quite a bit more. Some are even over the $5,000 range.

If you want to buy a pocket bike without much effort you can try one of the many online stores that sell pocket bikes today. Just watch out for cheap manufacturers and low quality parts that some of these stores have in stock. If you can try to go with a Italian model versus a Chinese model. Not that Chinese models are always bad its just that Italian manufacturers generally produce higher quality bikes.

All you need to do is follow the advice listed above and you'll be well on your way to buying your own minibike which is fun for your whole family. Just make sure that you understand the different pocket bike features and ask any of your questions they you buy have before you take the plunge.