Invented in the 1800s, the refrigerator was once found only in wealthy households. As they gained in popularity, they soon began appearing in more households and today can be found in most kitchens. The mini refrigerator is a more recent innovation, brought about by manufacturers who realized that consumers would enjoy the convenience of refrigeration wherever they are.

As people began spending more time in the office, it wasn't long until someone realized that having an mini office refrigerator was an advantage. In business meetings, executives could offer clients a beverage and be able to give it to them immediately instead of sending their secretary out to purchase drinks. For those that worked late, they no longer had to leave the office for a meal.

Mini office refrigerators are convenient. Their compact design enables them to fit just about anywhere there is a small amount of space available. Having cold drinks on hand could tempt some officemates to raid your fridge, but most come with a lock to protect your contents.

The Micro Cool Mini Fridge is one of the smaller, portable refrigerator models available. It is just large enough for six cans. You can pack your fridge in the morning before leaving the house, keep it cool in the car using the car lighter for power, then plug it into the standard AC outlet once you reach the office. It has the added bonus of warming at the flip of a switch.

The Avanti SHP1700W is another model. It features 1.7 cubic feet of space, one wire shelf in the fridge and two fixed shelves in the door. A 2 Liter bottle can fit in the door. The door is reversible so you can set it to swing in the direction best for your office.

Kenmore has a refrigerator freezer combo with 4.6 cubic foot of storage. It comes with glass shelves, a can dispenser in the door and room to hold 2 Liter and other tall bottles. A recessed handle and adjustable temperature controls complete this mini refrigerator.

When choosing a mini office refrigerator, consumers should consider usage. Small or portable models are good choices if using the fridge for personal usage. If using the refrigerator to store beverages for clients, you may want to select a larger model in order to have enough room for multiple beverage options. Consider what features you need. Models with a freezer compartment can be nice if clients like ice in their drinks. If you know other executives who have mini office refrigerators, ask them about their fridge. Finding out what features they like and don't like can be helpful for you when you're choosing your own.

Prices for mini office refrigerators begin at around $40 and go upwards from there. Larger sized refrigerators or those with additional features tend to run higher than more basic models. Mini office refrigerators can be purchased at most stores when appliances are sold. Large office supply stores sometimes carry them as well.