People look for mini ovens mostly for two reasons, lack of space and only occasional need of using an oven. Oh, and the lower price than for a conventional, full-sized oven might influence things also. Mainly there are three types of mini ovens, electric ones, microwaves and the ones that are a combination of both. Yes, I know, microwaves also function with electricity but as they are two different types of ovens, I have to distinguish them somehow, don't I? ;-)

So before you now shoot off to buy a shiny new mini oven, lets look at the possibilities you have and what would suit best the different needs.

Scenario 1

You need a low cost model that allows you to bake, re-heat and cook. All for a low price and in a compact design and you are also not having much space. In this case I would recommend you look for a mini oven without microwave element, but with burners / stove part integrated "on top". There are great "mini kitchens" available that provide just this.

Scenario 2

You are looking for a small oven to toast, re-heat, defrost etc without the need or wish to cook full meals with it. You might be best off with a microwave that also provides an extra grill function, to get the best of two worlds.

Scenario 3

You want and need a basic oven to toast, grill and bake, but don't like the idea of micro-waving food. A small, so-called toaster or pizza oven would be ideal for your needs.

Whatever form of mini oven you choose, you should always compare price and features plus you should only buy the oven you need, not the one advertisement tells you, you want ;-) Why paying for advanced features and sophisticated design if you use your new, small oven only to re-heat pizza and to toast bagels? No reason to spend hundreds of dollars when a simpler, cheaper model completely fits the bill.

When putting up your new oven, make sure it has enough space around it to allow air to circulate and to avoid overheating and damage to surfaces nearby. Never put anything on top of the oven, that is not a good storage place as many ovens get very hot on top. As for cleaning and care of your new mini oven, just make sure to follow the manual religiously. Some general tips:

  • Before heating it up for the first time, make sure you have all package material removed and cleaned the inside of the oven from dust etc.
  • Also ways clean the oven whilst it is still slightly warm and take care of spills and stains immediately to avoid that they "burn in".
  • Never use metal or anything with a metallic surface in a microwave oven, always use only containers that are approved for your type of oven.

If you follow these tips – and your mini oven manual – I am sure that you will have a lot of fun with your "cuisine en miniature". Happy cooking and enjoy your meal!