I actually frown upon portable basketball hoops for outdoors, since they're not as sturdy and durable. Portable basketball hoops really differ though when it comes to age groups. A mini portable basketball hoop for younger kids actually might be better and more practical.  Portable hoops are more versatile; they can be moved indoors or outdoors. They also can be used as the swimming pool basketball hoop in your backyard.

When it comes to the best mini basketball hoops for indoors, portable is one of the more popular choices. Especially for kids who are looking to play a little basketball just for fun. If you have kids between ages 5-12, you could save a little extra money if you have room in your home for a quality mini portable basketball hoop. They come in different sizes, and feature different backboards. Most quality ones feature acrylic, or polycarbonate backboads. Both are pretty steady plastic, and safe backboards to play on.

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Tips on Using Mini Portable Basketball Hoops

One thing you should definitely do is make sure you fill the base with sand, and not water. Water doesn't keep a portable hoop stationed as well, and it could possibly cause injuries to others. Sand is much heavier, and definitely highly recommended on  smaller basketball hoops  that don't weigh as much. A mini hoop might weigh just 200-250 pounds. So adults have to be careful when dunking on one. Depending on the quality, and size will depend on the stability. Mini basketball hoops are okay to dunk on for most kids and adults, but hanging on the rim is out of the question. Especially for teens and adults who are bigger and stronger. Portable hoops don't weigh as much as full sized basketball hoops.

The backboards might be shattered proof, but the hoop itself might not be able to withstand the weight from stronger individuals. Some full sized portable basketball hoops might come with caster wheels in front, but most mini hoops  probably won't. They're not too hard for adults to move. If you're going to buy a hoop online, you must know first hand about the materials of the backboard, rim, etc... Polycarobate and acrylic backboards are recommended for kids and adults of older ages. Polycarbonate is much stronger, but gives the same bounce as acrylic. Breakaway rims are the safest for dunking.

Recommended Mini Portable Basketball Hoops for Older Kids and Adults

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System

Although you'll save a lot of money on mini hoops, you still want a decent small mini basketball goal that will be safe, and efficient to play on. Not all mini hoops are cheap, and they can still cost hundreds of dollars. Stay away from molded plastic backboards, since they're basically useless to play on. A really good and highly recommended basketball goal is the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System. It's basically a very thoroughly built basketball system that can be used indoors or outdoors. It only goes between heights 3 and 7 feet. Very steady and safe for  kids and adults to play on. The backboards will not shatter. They're made with polycarobate backboards, which is by far the strongest plastic used on a quality backboard. A pretty good bounce is applied as well. If your kid wants to work on his back shot, or rebounding skill, then not a problem with this backboard.

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop
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(price as of Apr 22, 2015)

Breakaway carbon spring rims are also featured for dunking. Any young kid wanting to learn how to play the game of basketball can benefit from this hoop. It's just the right size for ages anywhere between 8-12. Anyone who is older can also play on it. It's the perfect indoor hoop for all ages, but more suited for younger kids for outdoors. 

Recommended Mini Portable Basketball Hoops for Young Kids

The younger they are then the cheaper you can buy as well. If anything cheap plastic hoops are probably much safer for kids anywhere between ages 5 and younger to play on. As they get older you'll want to get them something with more stability, and more authentic for playing basketball. The Spalding Junior Portable Basketball System is very small and safe for younger kids to play on. This wouldn't make for a bad basketball hoop for anyone to play on just for entertainment purposes. The entire hoop is made with plastic. All you need is a little nerf ball for your kid to play with. Works for indoors or outdoors. It's basically a cute and very cheap toy young kids can play on and enjoy. As they get older, and if they become more interested in basketball you can buy them something better. The backboard and rim is molded plastic, which is pretty solid for a junior mini basketball hoop.

Spalding Junior Portable Basketball System

Spalding Junior Portable Basketball System
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(price as of Apr 22, 2015)