Mini soccer goals can be a great investment in your little footballer's future! The ability to practice shots on goal in the privacy and safety of any back yard is just one of the benefits provided by mini soccer goals. There are many sizes and varieties of mini soccer goals on the market in a wide range of prices, materials and features. The basic things to look for in a mini soccer goal include the following:


The best mini soccer goals are transformable and able to grow along with your child. It is well worth the money to invest in a goal that can be made larger or smaller. As the shooting ability of a child improves, the goal can be scaled down to create a smaller target. Likewise, a mini soccer goal should be able to be increased in size to help with shootarounds and goalkeeping drills. The youngest soccer players will also fair better with a larger goal. Instilling confidence is important!


Most mini soccer goals are made from PVC pipe or aluminum tubing. Both of these are durable materials and allow for easy construction and take down. If the goal can be used year round, then either of these materials will withstand normal weather conditions and provide years of use. Nets are generally standard nylon and of reasonable quality. For portability, make sure to understand how long the longest goalpost is to ensure it will fit in any vehicle. Weight is also a consideration, but many mini soccer goals can weigh less than 35 pounds and are easy to move around for most anyone.

Mini Soccer Goals
There are many different types of mini soccer goals. Be sure to investigate the ease of use before you purchase. How is the goal set up? Does it involve separate hardware? Can it withstand use from both adults and children? How many points of adjustability does it have? Are all the parts needed included with the goal (things like net stakes and anchor pins)? These are all reasonable questions that should be investigated before a purchase is made. A mini soccer goal can be very frustrating if the setup and quality is not good.

Other things to consider:

Cost is always a consideration and the features provided by each goal could greatly affect the cost. If you are handy with some basic tools, it is fairly easy to build a goal out of PVC pipe yourself. This can save money and provide a chance to spend quality time with your child during the construction process.

Mini soccer goals can be a great investment and provide hours of backyard training drills for your child. If mini soccer goals are chosen wisely with regards to sizing, materials and features the amount of usage both now and in the future will be great. Mini soccer goals can be purchased both online and in local sporting good stores. There are popup soccer goals that can be bought for less than $30 and more traditional mini soccer goals available, too. Surprise your young one today with a mini soccer goal for the backyard or to take to the local park. You will be hollering "GOOOOAAALLL" in no time!