A great way to keep in shape when you are on the move is to invest a little money in some portable exercise equipment so you'll always have the chance to work out even if you are away from your home or local gym.

Good portable exercisers include such things as resistance bands which fit neatly into a suitcase but better still are the super portable mini stepper machines from companies like Stamina. These mini stepper exerciser machines are lightweight portable exercisers which, when used in conjunction with resistance bands, offer a low impact total body workout you can take anywhere you go. Shove it in your suitcase or in the trunk of your car and you've got a portable home gym right at your fingertips wherever you are in the world – excuses begone!

Mini Stair Steppers are available as in various forms including basic electronic stair stepper models, which offer variable resistance stepper action giving a great cardio workout in addition to working on slimming and firming legs, hips and thigh muscles, or twist steppers which add a little extra rotation into the mix as well which helps firm and tighten the inner thigh muscles and abdominal area as well.

Mini stepper exercise equipment is a great alternative to big bulky exercise machines like treadmills and elliptical trainers as you can still get the total body workout you desire at a much cheaper price and in a fraction of the amount of space those hulking great machines take up. A mini exercise stepper will take up no more permanent floorspace than an end table when in use and when you're done with it, your lightweight stepper machine can be put away in a cupboard, stored under a bed or even in a drawer, they're that small.

For those who want to ensure a vacation or a work trip doesn't interfere or destroy their fitness goals, a mini stepper exercise machine is an awesome piece of fitness equipment. Equally, for those with limited space who want a low impact personal exerciser at a great price, fitness steppers can't be beat and will help you meet your personal fitness goals whilst being kind and gentle on your joints. Mini steppers are a small but powerful addition to any home gym.