Who doesn't love a good game of table tennis, or also known as ping pong? Table tennis a quite a skilled game that is played with two people. Actually, you can even play table tennis by yourself. Move a tennis table against the wall, and you can practice ricocheting the ping pong ball against the wall to help terminate your next opponent. Mini table tennis tables are great ways to really learn and enjoy the sport of ping pong. If you have a small apartment, or you have kids, then a full table tennis table isn't necessarily required. Especially if you're just looking for a ping pong table to just have some fun with. Full sized table tennis tables take up quite a bit of space and they're rather expensive as well. There are some cheap mini table tennis tables for sale online that can be used for kids, adults, and those of all ages to enjoy a fun game of ping pong. They're not spacious and don't take up much space. Down below are some different mini table tennis tables for sale online.

Joola Mini Table Tennis Table

There are a collection of Joola mini table tennis tables for sale at quite a few online stores. Joola ping pong tables are quite small. They're literally only 35 inches long and 17 inches wide. This isn't the type of mini table tennis table for adults to use for personal play. It's a great ping pong table for kids about 10-12 years old to play with. Adults can play with kids though just for fun. Joola mini table tennis tables feature a turquoise blue court. It features a net as well. The ping pong table is 76 inches tall at regulation height. It's an indoor table tennis table only. You can buy Joola mini table tennis tables for sale online at CNS stores and ivgstores for under $100 dollars.

Stiga Mini Table Tennis Table

Stiga are popular ping pong tables for kids to play on. There's a little more playing room on the Stiga mini table tennis table than the Joola. Stiga makes quality ping pong tables. The mini ping pong table is only 27 inches high, that's one of the cons. You can always place it on top of a table and still play. 54 inches in length and 29 inches in width give you enough playing room on the mini table tennis table. It comes with two ping pong balls, two paddles, and a net. The Stiga mini ping pong table is decked in green and it's a folding cot ping pong table; making it very easy to travel with. You can buy Stiga mini table tennis tables for sale at csnstores and and air-hockey-tables-direct.com.

Park & Sun Mini Table Tennis Table

The Park & Sun is the perfect ping pong table for all ages to use. Even adults will enjoy the Park & Sun, since it's much more spacious, making it very entertaining to play on. It's an indoor table tennis table that's 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 28 inches in height. It can be used for fun, along with improving your ping pong game. It's hard to play on a small table, since there's only so much room to work with. So playing on small ping pong tables can even improve your game. It's a foldable mini table tennis table that's easy to carry and travel with. The ping pong table sports a blue finish on the court. Two paddles and ping pong balls are available during purchase. You can buy Park & Sun mini table tennis tables for sale online at aqua superstore, amazon, and epic sports.