There are a lot of good mini vacuum cleaners on the market today. Many of them are designed to meet a specific need. When choosing the best mini vacuum cleaners to meet your needs you want to consider what you are going to use it for, what power supply do you need, how much you will be using it, and what features do you need. By answering these questions you will be able to find the best mini vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Mini Vacuum Cleaners - What Will You Be Using It For?
Often times it is a good idea to figure out exactly what you want to use the mini vacuum cleaners for. In most cases this is because having the perfect tool for the job works best. You will also want to consider the size of the mini vacuum cleaners that you will want to work.

  • The smallest of mini vacuum cleaners is used to clean computers and small areas around the work space that they are stored in.
  • Car vacuum cleaners are larger than the smallest of vacuum cleaners, but they are smaller than the traditional dust busters. They are commonly used for cars, but you can also use them in other small spaces.
  • Dust busters are a small handheld mini vacuums perfect for small messes around the house.
  • Mini vacuum cleaners that are smaller than a standard vacuum, but larger than a dust buster. These are perfect for apartments and small homes.

By figuring out what size you need for the jobs you will be using it for you can have a clearer idea of what type of mini vacuum cleaners you should look at.

Mini Vacuum Cleaners - What Type of Power Supply Do You Need?
There are a few different types of power supplies for mini vacuum cleaners and knowing where you want to plug it in as well as the advantages of those types of power supplies is important. In addition to how you will be carrying it you also need to consider the power behind the mini vacuums. A standard outlet will provide the strongest suction power, while other power sources are less likely to be as powerful.

  • USB power supply. For the smallest of vacuums it is common to see them with a USB power supply. This is because they are mainly used for cleaning out computers and the USB drive makes for a convenient place to plug it in at.
  • 12 volt power supply. Car vacuums often comes with 12 volt power supplies that will plug into your car or boat.
  • Battery power. Many car vacuums and dust busters run on battery power. This can be convenient because you plug it in and then later come back and retrieve it. However, over time the battery can get weaker and shorter lived making it unable to finish a job. If buying a mini vacuum cleaner with a battery pack you will want to check the reviews on the life of the battery.
  • Standard outlet. There are a number of mini vacuum cleaners in the dust buster and apartment size that have standard outlets. This makes it easy to use them in the home, but not as easy to use them in really small places and in places without power.

Mini Vacuum Cleaners - How Much Will You Use It?
When you are looking at how much you will use your new mini vacuum cleaner you are really trying to figure out how much money you want to spend. If you will use it once a year you really don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. However, if you are using it regularly than it is better to spend more money and have more features. You will also want to consider the quality of the items and whether or not they are built to last. Often this will be determined by price and while you can get a mini vacuum cleaner for $10 it isn’t likely to be worth much in the long run.

Mini Vacuum Cleaners - What Features Do You Need?

  • Filters- The first feature that you need to look into and you will want is a filter. The better the filter that you have on your cleaner the better. It will make using it a lot easier and healthier. You are also more likely to use it more often.
  • Dust Collection- Some mini vacuum cleaners collect dust and debris in a bag and others collect it in a canister. Choosing the one that will work best for the amount of mess that you have and how often you will be using it is best. You want something that will be easy to clean.
  • Brushes- Another nice feature to have is a brush or two that will allow you to brush up messes. This makes the mini vacuum cleaner easier to use on upholstery and can be helpful for small and tight spaces as well as along the edge of the carpet.

You will need to choose your budget and figure out the answers to these questions. If you will be using your mini vacuum cleaner fairly often or regularly then you want to make sure that you spend as much money as you can afford to. You will be happier if you choose a high quality vacuum that is the perfect size for your needs and jobs.

There are many advantages of owning and using mini vacuum cleaners. You can choose to have more than one for the various needs that you may have. They make cleaning easy and quick. Choosing the perfect one for you will require that you look at the size that you need for the job that you will be doing. You also need to consider how you want it to be powered. Finally look at how much you will use it and what features that you need. By looking at each of these issues you will be able to determine how much you want to spend and which is the best mini vacuum cleaner for you.