Mini whiskey barrels are used for a variety of purposes. It is a way of distilling whiskey at home by people who know how to distill the beverage. It is also used as a gift to present to someone who is an expert in making whiskey. The mini whiskey-barrel dispels the myth that the making of spirits can be done only by those who are professionals in the field. You can easily customize the flavor and the ageing process which gives it a great final taste.

The barrels are also perfect for adorning parties, especially for any functions that you may be having in your home. When you purchase such a specialized-barrel, there is usually a guide that comes with it which will give you instructions on how to go about filling the barrel and tips on how to follow the ageing process. The spirit can age from a period ranging from one week to 3 years. If you're doing it yourself then it is important that the district until you feel that the taste is just right for you to take out the whiskey.

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The good thing about these barrels is that they can be used multiple times. For making whiskey or bourbon you can use it up to four times and if you'd like to make other spirits like wine or rum you can use it five or seven times respectively.

It is believed that by using mini whiskey barrels you can make sure you are aging young whiskey in a short period of time and this is what is attractive for whiskey sellers. When whiskey is aged in smaller barrels it tastes would be because of the fact that small-barrels provide greater contact with the wood due to the larger surface area compared to the volume of whiskey. However, it will taste very youthful in character.

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Bluegrass barrels are also one such type of barrels which are made without any seals like some of the larger barrels that is found in distilleries. First fill it with water and once this is done for one or two days it makes the wood larger and holds the joints together tightly so that there are no leaks. Using such barrels is very easy and you also get a set of instructions with every barrel.

These barrels are also multifunctional and many spirits and wines can be distilled in them. Even beers are stored in the barrels so that it can be made into stout. There are people who have used the barrels to fill wine, rum, tequila and many other beverages. A word of caution though, that once you use it with a particular spirit do not use the barrels for filling it with another spirit.

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Custom Mini Whiskey Barrels

Mini whiskey barrels are also customized according to a person's choice. For example, one the most popular customizations is to engrave initials into the barrel and in case of weddings the date of the wedding as well. Similarly engravings can include birthday wishes, anniversary dates and several other personalized messages.

Another novel use of these barrels is for container gardening. All gardeners would like a planter which is convenient and the whiskey-barrel is the perfect size for large shrubs and are used extensively in herb gardens, and outside kitchen doors. If you plan to use it in container gardening you will need the use a drill so that you can make holes in the barrel for effective drainage. Make sure that you drill at least four holes on the base or on the sides especially if you are going to have the planter lying on the side.

Use a mixture of soil which is also sterilized so that it is clean to start the gardening process. Sterilizing it will also make sure that there are no weeds growing in the barrel. The mixture enables a large number of roots to be grown in the container so that the plant grows to be very strong.

Hence, as you can see many whiskey barrels are very popular and can be customized according to the customer's preferences. They have a variety of uses and can also be used for distilling several spirits and for other uses as well. They are available at various online stores including Amazon. On Amazon, you can choose between Bluegrass whiskey barrels, 1 L American white oak barrel, and several other mini whiskey barrels.

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