Ever beer loving, alcoholic needs mini keg beer dispensers to store their mini keg beer beverage. Keg beer dispensers are especially useful when you're going camping with your buddies, going fishing, or you're having a BBQ. How are you going to keep your favorite brew cold and refreshing? Let's face it, good quality beer just doesn't taste the same if it's not cold. The cool thing about mini keg beer dispensers, they keep your favorite beer beverage cold and they're easy to travel with.

So the next time you go on an outdoor adventure, and you're sitting back and drinking a beer with the boys and gals, make sure you have a mini keg beer dispenser to provide that fresh, cold, and quality taste of your favorite brew. If you're looking to find mini keg beer dispensers for sale, your best bet is the internet. There's some really good deals, discounts, and quality mini keg beer dispensers for sale. Mini keg beer dispensers can be pretty expensive, but they're well worth the price. Especially a quality beer dispenser, which can usually store a 5-liter mini beer keg up to 30 days.

Mini keg beer dispenser features

Keg beer dispensers come in different product brands like Alfresco, Avanti, Bevrage-Air, Continental, Danby, EdgarStar, Fagor, Marvel Comics, Nostalgia Electrics, Perlick, Summit Appliances, True, Turbo Air, Value Line, VikingHeineken, Krups, Vinotemp, and Haier.

Keg beer dispensers, also known as kegerators can come in single taps, or multiple taps. However, mini kegerators will come in single taps. Most mini keg beers come with a refrigerator thermometer, a cabinet to store a 5-Liter of a mini keg beer, Co2 regulator, 3 mini Co2 cartridges, Co2 regulator, gauge, keg coupler, keg tap, keg seals, a keg adapter, and a thermoelectric cooling.

Mini keg beer dispensers for sale

Some popular online places to buy mini keg beer dispensers are ebay, amazon, powermax.com, kegerators.com, and kegworks.com. I like places like kegworks and kegerators.com because they have a large inventory of products for beer kegs, kegerator kits, beer pitchers, all the accessories any beer drinker would need. However, places to buy mini keg beer dispensers for sale, will probably be places like amazon, or ebay. I'll list a few popular mini keg beer dispenser for sale. Good and quality mini keg beer dispenser that are durable and reliable.

Avanti 16" Mini Keg Beer Dispenser

You can find this mini keg beer dispenser for an extremely cheap price, for sale at Sonic electronix store online. This mini keg beer dispenser can go as high as $230-250, but is on sale for a very cheap price for just $194.99, and free shipping within 48 states. Features a heineken keg adapter, auto defrost - thermoelectric technology, interior lighting switch, three 16 gram CO2 cartridges, UL listed AC/DC power adapter, instructional DVD, CO2 pressure regulator. Made in stainless steel.

B90 Beer dispenser from Heineken and Krups

Currently a mini keg beer dispenser for sale at a low price of just $99.5, without tax and free shipping at culterandmore.com. The product brand Krups, comes with a Heineken tap. Works with 2 draught kegs, Heineken and Heineken Premium Light. Contains a electronic temperature that turns beer green, when its just the perfect temperature. Key features include keg coupler, CO2 tank, cleaning kit, security lock, regulator, and is good for commercial or outdoor use.

Vinotemp Mini Keg Beer Dispenser

These mini keg beer dispensers can be pretty expensive, and goes as high as $400, but bestbuy, cookware.com and amazon prices are on sale for a cheap prices around $200 dollars. Comes in a black color and allows you to set your own temperature, with a thermoelectric cooling system. Contains AC and DC power cords, tap handle, drip trey, cleaning kit, pressurized keg adapter, and a owner's manuel.