The miniature pincher is a small dog that usually grows up to be from 10 to 12-1/2 inches tall. They are a very unique breed of dog and are known to be very active and loving little animals. Most people think that the full size doberman pincher is the older of this breed but the miniature version actually dates back further than the doberman. While the miniature pincher is the true name for this breed of dog, most people continue to refer to this breed as the miniature doberman. I prefer this designation also and think that miniature doberman puppies are one of the best looking breeds of puppies around.

The breed was introduced in the USA around 1919 and was known originally as the toy pincher. Of German descent, the miniature doberman is a member of a family of dogs that includes the Affenpinscher, German Pinscher and the Schnauzer. Doberman puppies are very alert and somewhat fearless and tend to grow up to be excellent watch dogs. Their coat is slick and very easy to maintain. Most people think of these dogs being black and tan in color, but they can be chocolate and rust colored, black and rust colored or even solid red. Their tail is normally docked and while cropping the ears is optional, it is more common to find that this is done.

Even though these dogs are thought to be developed as a vicious breed, this is really not the case. While these dogs can be somewhat ill tempered, with the proper care and training, doberman puppies can grow to be loving cuddly little guys that are extremely loyal companions. Like any dog, and it seems especially small breed dogs, they must be taught their place in the pecking order. With proper exercise and frequent walks with a caring owner, these little guys can be great indoor dogs that any family would be proud to call their own.

For the most part, these dogs are extremely loyal, active animals that enjoy exercising and other activities. They are very intelligent dogs that can used as service dogs for diabetic patients and the like or just as a valued family pet. They are very low maintenance and are normally very healthy pets. While training requires what some would say is a little more than the average dog, taking the time to do so will provide you with many years of rewarding experience with these little doberman puppies.