When the time comes to choose one of the miniature drum kits for your 3 year old, you are not going to look for the one that makes the best noise; but rather, you are going to be looking for the instrument that is durable enough to withstand your child hitting drum sticks against it. One of the greatest things about the mini drums that are sold in stores is that most of them produce amazing sounds that will tickle your child’s ear drums.

Miniature drum kits can improve toddlers’ hand-eye coordination, train their ears to distinguish between the different notes, and even facilitate the child being able to play basic drum beats.

Dollhouse Makes One Of The Best Miniature Drum Kits For Girls

Many parents like this drum kit because it is fully functional, and comes with all of the drum kit pieces. Some of the mini drum kits include pieces solely for aesthetic purposes. For instance, I have seen a few drum sets for toddlers that have a bass drum that doDollhouse Complete Miniature Drum SetCredit: Amazon.comes not work; it is included for the sole reason of “looking like a complete drum set”.

Not only does this Dollhouse toddler drum set look amazing, but it produces a phenomenal sound when being struck by a drum stick. This percussion set comes with hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals to produce the high pitched sounds. In addition, it comes with a snare drum, 2 rack toms, a floor tom, and a bass drum to produce the low pitched sounds.

The shiny gold finish on this mini drum set will make it the perfect gift for any young girl that is trying to learn how to play the drums.

A Set Of Finger Drums Are Literally The Smallest Percussion Instruments That You Can Find

Finger drums are the most convenient miniature drum kits that you can find! Not only can you place them in your pocket, but they are battery operated. One of the cons of mini and full-sized drum sets is that they will only make noise if you strike them with drum sticks. However, finger drums will make noise by simply tapping them with your finger. A few of the uses ofRockstar Purple Finger DrumsCredit: Amazon.com finger drums are as follows:

-Entertain others at a party- Although finger drums are simple toys, they are literally the most convenient miniature drum kits that you can buy! In addition, these tiny electronic drum sets can be used by toddlers and adults alike. One of the best things to do with these toy instruments is to place them in your pocket/purse, and take them out at a party. I can guarantee that nearly everyone will want to hit the finger drums a few times!

-Practice your drumming skills on the road- Even the smallest mini percussion kits can take up a fair bit of space. For instance, you cannot practice your drumming skills on a miniature set of drums when sitting in the back seat of a compact car; however, you can whip out your finger drums and practice on them nearly anywhere that you are.

-Place beside any of the miniature drum kits as a decorative piece- Most drummers and musicians have a “music room”. This is basically a room that is filled with their favourite instruments and decorative pieces. When it comes to decorating a music room, there isn’t anything better than placing a finger drum toy beside the percussion instruments that you may have.

The De Rosa Mini Percussion Kit Is More Expensive Than Average, But Produces The Best Sound!

When it comes to the selection of miniature drum kits that are available for purchase, the majority of them produce a decent sound in the eyes of a percussionist. However, the De Rosa set is an exceptional kit that features 2 rack toms and a bass drum that produce an De Rosa 3 Piece Children's Drum Set With ChairCredit: Amazon.comamazing sound.

In addition, all of the De Rosa mini percussion sets are nearly the most durable instruments that you can get your hands on; just looking at the bass drum allows you to see that a 3 or 4 year old boy can stomp on that drum pedal as hard as he wants to without damaging the drum head. When it comes to aesthetic value, the De Rosa drums do not look like anything special; but, they make up for it with their phenomenal sound.

Buying an instrument for your toddler to learn on or have fun with can be a daunting task. Not only do you want to find a mini drum set that they like, but you also want to find an instrument that fits them well; after all, I doubt that a 4 year old boy would get much learning done on a full sized set of drums!

These miniature drum kits are not the best ones on the market, and they are not the worst! Each of the percussion sets have their own benefits, and should be considered on an individual basis. With that being said, I am sure that your child would absolutely love a finger drum set, the Dollhouse percussion kit, or the De Rosa mini drums!