Like other pets, miniature rabbits have basic needs as well.  They should be given a dry and warm haven, adequate water and food and a healthy atmosphere. They should be off the ground to prevent attackers from infuriating them.

In fact, there are some cases in which miniature rabbits die simply from being terrified despite the security of bunny cages or hutches.

Moreover, making the cage higher will allow you to access it without the need to crouch or lean down; therefore, cleaning, feeding and moving your pet will be much easier.

Miniature Rabbits and Cages Features

The available bunny cages and hutches for your miniature rabbits have different designs and models. In addition, you have the option to purchase something that is already built in a kit and all you need to do is assemble them with the use of several basic tools.

You can also create your own using your blueprints and plans if you wish. And because you want to have a hard-wearing bunny cages for your miniature bunnies like Netherland Dwarf rabbits or miniature Rex rabbits, it is important that you take such options into consideration.

If assembling is not your thing, you can simply purchase a pre-made cage that can be placed inside or outside your home right away. Remember to identify your boundaries prior to getting on this project.

When searching for bunny cages for your miniature rabbits, be sure to get one that is made from wire mesh covered with safe material and treated wood so it can survive insects and climate. Its bottom (where your pets walk around) should have mesh that has large holes for the excrements to easily plummet through, yet smaller than your miniature rabbits to keep them from falling down.

 Furthermore, the bunny hutch or cage should include a tray for your pets’ excrement. There must be a locked front door and another one for your miniature rabbits’ refuge.

Excellent bunny indoor cages are easy to open up for effortless cleaning and quick access to your pets when needed. The hole to where they sleep must be big enough because you have to keep in mind that they will eventually grow.

 The shelter should be dry and warm but has ventilation that can be shut during the cold months. Additionally, you can get more savings if you buy something that has a tinier safe spot and three mesh sides, although you need to make certain that it will be huge enough for your miniature rabbits. Likewise, you can get something that has a roof to keep them protected against rain.

Some other ideas you can consider is to have a cage with handles as well as wheels attached on one side so you can easily reposition it when necessary. Another is a much higher cage that has a space for pet supplies underneath. The miniature rabbits are cute pet to have and for sure they need proper housing - check out the section with related articles to help you chose the best one for your them.