The word ‘Fire’ is enough to ring an alarm bell in our mind. This is one risk which is not possible to apprehend beforehand. Any one can get caught in fire related hazards, even if you are a housewife or an employee working in an office.

As the old and wise saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, it is important to take necessary preventive measures in order to ensure safety for residence or office which includes installation of fire distinguishers and other security measures. Some may think that a fire detection system is enough to fight emergencies. However, This is not true. Let us discuss in details, precisely why do you need a fire suppression systems.

There are many offices which implement fire detection systems for security purposes. But the problem is such a system will ring the alarm bell to alert occupants. However, these systems don’t play any significant role in suppressing fire. So, the time gap which follows between ringing the bell and arrival of fire personnel can cause enough damage to lives and properties. The advantage of having a proper suppression system is that it will work immediately on detection of fire thus resulting in minimal loss. Hence you can ensure the server or other important rooms and documents will be least affected. This is highly beneficial for businesses which can prevent heavy losses by installing a fire reduction system.

How do you ensure protection and safety with a suppression system?

Most systems utilize the suppression agents like Wet or Dry Chemicals or Halon for fire fighting purposes. An efficient fire suppression system will help in removing oxygen from the area or cooling down the place. Some systems in fact perform both these tasks. The decision to use a specific agent will depend on the type of fire, e.g. Class B fire caused by flammable liquids may be doused with a specific type of agent. Some additional factors are needed to be considered too, while selecting the system:-

If the place is sealed or open

If the place is having maximum staff/ employee

If your company is adhering to any specific environmental policy

If you are expecting fire service personnel to reach the place promptly

Before installing the system, you need to discuss in details all these points with the fire suppression company. This way you can be sure of maximum protection with minimum loss.