Did you know that you could mine Bitcoins on your Android phone or tablet?

It is possible to mine Bitcoins with the Android app DroidMiner. While using this app is not going to earn you a lot of Bitcoins on its own, by joining a Bitcoin mining pool you could earn fractions of a Bitcoin rather quickly.

Before using this app, I was totally new to Bitcoin mining and I had a lot of trouble configuring the DroidMiner app to mine Bitcoins, but I did my research and I found out how I could successfully mine Bitcoins on my Android cell phone. I am going to show you the setup I used to start mining Bitcoins on my Android phone.

This is the setup I use to mine Bitcoins on my cell phone:

1. The phone I use is the Motorola Moto X supplied by Republic Wireless. Although most Android phones will work, I use the Motorola Moto X from Republic Wireless because unlike other providers, Republic Wireless offers true unlimited Talk, Text and 3G Data for only $25.00 per month. To use the Republic Wireless service, you must purchase the phone from them directly. The two phones they currently offer are the Motorola Moto X and the Motorola Moto G. Republic Wireless is able to offer such low prices because they use a hybrid approach of using both Wi-Fi and Cell service to place calls. When you are in range of Wifi, the phone will use the Wi-Fi first, the use of cell towers happens when Wi-Fi is not in range.

2. To collect your Bitcoins, you must have a Bitcoin wallet. The Bitcoin wallet used in this setup is Coinbase. Coinbase is a Bitcoin wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with the new digital currency Bitcoin. Source:

3. The mining I pool used in this setup is the Eclipse Mining Consortium. Eclipse Mining Consortium is a collective Bitcoin mining pool designed to provide the maximum return on your mining investment. They strive to offer the most reliable mining pool available. They also offer the best features of every other mining site out there in order to provide you with a complete solution to your pooled mining equipment. Source: Eclipse Mining Consortium

Follow these steps to start mining Bitcoins on your Android device.

A good starting point would be to set up your Bitcoin wallet with Coinbase. Navigate to Coinbase in your web browser. Click "Sign Up" on the landing page and follow the procedure to register for a Bitcoin wallet. When you are finished, your screen should look similar to this.

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The next step is to register with the Eclipse Mining Consortium.  In your web browser, navigate to the Eclipse Mining Consortium web page and click the register button.  When the registration process is finished, the web page will look like this:


Next, Eclipse needs to be configured to deliver any bitcoins you earn to your bitcoin wallet. Within Coinbase, click on the Accounts link and your accounts will be displayed. You will see a link named “Get bitcoin address” in the same row as your “My Wallet” account. Click on the “Get bitcoin address” link and your wallet address will display on the screen. The address will need to be copied. Highlight the line of numbers and letters towards the bottom of the window (this is your wallet’s bitcoin address) and copy it, then open the Eclipse Mining Consortium web page and sign in. Once you are signed in, click on Settings. Your account settings should display and you should see an section labeled “BITCOIN SETTINGS”. Paste your bitcoin wallet address in the text box labeled BTC Wallet and then save the changes. Eclipse is now configured to send any bitcoins earned to your bitcoin wallet.

The final step is to install and configure the DroidMiner app on your android device. You will find the DroidMiner app in the Google Play Store. Once the app installed, open the app and the screen on your Android device should look like this.


The mining pool url and port number are displayed on the Eclipse Mining Consortium web page.  The screenshot above shows a working url and port number.  Enter your Eclipse Mining Consortium Username and Password and press the start button, and if everything has been setup correctly, your screen should look like the screenshot below.

Mining Bitcoins