Labourers across Australia are feeling the effects of the global financial crisis. With interest rates increasing and the cost of living sky rocketing, there are less people who are able to afford to build a new house - meaning a lot of labourers are finding themselves out of work.

These workers really only have two choices when it comes to finding a new job:

  1. Find A Job In A New Field
  2. Find Labourer Jobs In A New Location

Now a lot of these labourers are not excited to go with option one because a new career means learning new skills, as well as a period of training at a lower rate of pay. Plus the reason they started building in the first place - was because it was a job they enjoyed.

This is why most of these newly unemployed are selecting option 2 - and finding a location that is in need of labourers.

Why The Mining Industry Needs Labourers

Labouring jobs are in the areas that there is progress and growing industry, and the mining industry is just booming in Australia right now - meaning that there are a lot of communities that need housing for all the mining workers that the industry brings.

These mining labouring jobs are usually on a fly-in-fly-out contract that allows you to continue to live in your current location and your employer flys you to work for your roster and then flys you back home for your time off.

It is work conditions like this, as well as the salary, that has seen a lot of out of work labourers make a career move t0 become a labourer in a mining community.

Where To Looking For Labourer Jobs In Mining Communities

So if you are a building labourer that is currently out of work, or you are just looking for a new experience or better employment conditions - let me show you how to find a job in the mines.

  1. Use Your Contacts
    The truth is, that a lot of the jobs in the mines go to 'friends of friends'. It is a very closed community and if you already know someone in the industry, my first recommendation would be to contact them to see if they could put you in contact with someone about work.
  2. Contact The Mines Directly
    All the mining companies have websites, and these sites usually have a jobs section. Regularly checking these sites will give you a great heads up on the latest jobs on offer - so just keep an eye out for the mining labouring jobs.
  3. Look At The Job Websites
    Your final stop should be the major job websites. While these have every type of job available, you can search these sites for labouring jobs and they will allow you to search Australia-wide.

These are your best options for finding a labouring job in the mines, if you are looking for a new job then why not consider working in a mining community - even if it is just for the experience.