Elegance and quality usually go hand in hand, especially concerning light fixtures for indoor use. But where can consumers go to purchase high quality light fixtures? Your local home improvement warehouse is sure to have a wide selection of lights, but these stores mostly deal in mid-range products that are good quality but not the best. The best option is to look at the products from the company Minka Lavery. The light fixtures from Minka Lavery are of the utmost quality. They have products for both indoor and outdoor use in many different fixture types such as pole lights and chain mounts. They have exclusive styles such as Mossorro Walnut and Vintage Rust Cranston.

One model I love is the Minka Lavery Aston Court Flush Mount Light. Aston Court Flush Mount  (15786)This light is designed to mount on a ceiling to project light onto the area underneath. These types of mounts are generally placed over gathering or entrance areas such as a dining room or door entrance. The mount is modeled in Minka Lavery's "Aston Court" style. This style is extremely fashionable and exhibits a neo classical radiance. The mount frame has colors of deep browns and tans with a hatch pattern circling the base. A decorative pattern lines the bottom for everyone to see. This decorative portion can be removed for a different look.

Minka Lavery doesn't use just any glass in their fixtures. For example, the Aston court flush mount has Avorio Mezzo glass which has an opaque crème appearance which softly filters the light. This fixtures is completely safe to use indoors. Light bulbs are not included but can be easily added by unscrewing the bottom decorative knob. Two 60 watt medium-sized incandescent bulbs are needed for operation. This fixture mounts completely flush with the wall for a very crisp and professional look.