Minnesota boat junk yards are a great place to buy a new watercraft for you next restoration project. While there are few salvage businesses out there that deal only in watercraft, you can find many great deals at auto salvage, if you are in a pinch. The salvage businesses in the state are really all over the place, when you open it up a little. You can find many, likely within a very short drive. Hey, this is the land of 10,000 lakes! It only makes sense to have your own watercraft, doesn't it? Let's take a look at Minnesota boat junk yards, and some of the things you will need to consider before you make your purchase.

Finding them:

Perhaps the easiest way to find Minnesota boat junk yards is to check out the yellow pages. While you will only find two even listed in the Minneapolis area, that are specifically listed for watercraft, you will find many auto and salvage alternatives. This is really where the shopping will likely need to take place. If you are not finding any Minnesota boat junk yards in your area, be sure to focus on the more general salvage option. Checking the local papers will also yield some results on restoration projects and parts, which is why you are likely looking at Minnesota boat junk yards. Salvage watercraft for sale is a good way to go.

As you can see, finding the Minnesota boat junk yards in your area can be a little bit of a challenge. When you search, simply look for scrap and salvage businesses to yield much better results. You will find cheap deals on johns, I/O's, aluminum, and fiberglass hulls.

Making calls:

Call around to the salvage locations if you cannot find any Minnesota boat junk yards in your local area. General salvage may be able to help you out. Ask them to take your name and number, if they have nothing you are looking for, and call you if something shows up. In some cases, you can skip the Minnesota boat junk yards, and go right into general salvage for best results. While you're at it, you could consider repo watercraft for sale as well.

Common options:

When you are looking at making a purchase from Minnesota junk yards, you will generally have several options. Let's take a look at some of the things you should consider before you purchase your new restoration project to enjoy the lakes.

Complete packages: These are hard to find at Minnesota boat junk yards. You will typically find a trailer in one salvage location, a hull in another spot, and an outboard in one last location. This can make piecing a unit together a little more difficult. Still, when you use Minnesota boat junk yards, you can use this to get parts, or a great restoration project to get on the water. Generally speaking, a running outboard motor is pretty had to find at any salvage location, since they are worth much more when running. Still, if you can find them at the Minnesota boat junk yards you visit, you can really save some money, and get off cheap on your restoration project.

Fiberglass: You will find less of these at Minnesota boat junk yards. This is really because they are generally void of scrap metal. Since fiberglass doesn't fit the mold, many of the salvage dealers will not even pick them up. If you are looking for fiberglass, you may want to explore other options, since you will likely not have much luck at Minnesota boat junk yards. In some cases, you can find a virtually complete hull, stripped of any and all scrap metal. If you can find it, and you want to restore it, buy it at Minnesota boat junk yards. You will get a great deal if you can find one.

Aluminum: You can buy an aluminum hull at Minnesota boat junk yards for a little more than the cost it would get for scrap. This means you can get it pretty cheap. If the hull is in decent shape, and the price is right, you may want to pick it up. When you are shopping at Minnesota boat junk yards, it really pays to search for the best deal possible. Salvage locations really offer some great deals on aluminum hulls. John and fishing type watercraft are generally the most common options, but it will vary by location. Keep your eyes open at the salvage locations you visit, so you get the best deal possible.


Searching on eBay, while not one of the Minnesota boat junk yards, is actually a great way to go. Many charities have these types of watercraft donated to them, like Rawhide. When you look on eBay, you can search by geographic location, so you can find a great new restoration project, even if you are not close to the Minnesota boat junk yards.

Craigslist, again, not one of the Minnesota boat junk yards, is actually a great place to search for cheap salvage type watercraft. You can occasionally find someone willing to part with the items in the free section. While you may not be shopping at one of the Minnesota boat junk yards, you will likely find the salvage watercraft you are searching for.

Try taking an advertisement in a local newspaper if you are too far away to drive to Minnesota boat junk yards. You may be able to advertise free hauling, in exchange for payment. You will find this to be fairly effective, if you can pull it off right. By appealing to the owner's need to clean up the yard, you may be able to skip the businesses altogether, and get a new salvage watercraft on your own, for real cheap or possibly even free. It really is a great alternative that you should look into. Free is the best when you can pull it off.

Charitable locations: Check out virtually any charitable location as an alternative to Minnesota boat junk yards. As noted earlier, some charities, like Rawhide, will take watercraft as a donation. This can make virtually any charitable location a great place to get a great salvage priced unit. Minnesota boat junk yards are not the only place to find the great deals for your next project. These types of restoration projects can be really fun, and in some cases, quite profitable. You can find new and used parts as well. Check out the salvage deals, you just may be on the water this year.