Minnesota DMV Online Services

from the Minnesota Dept of Public Safety

The Minnesota DMV is operated by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services Division. They now have many very useful features available online. Before, most of these services required very time consuming trips to DMV offices, so it is a welcome addition to be to able to perform these items online.

How to get a Minnesota DMV Driver's License Record

Start at the Online Services web area:


Click on "DL Status"

Enter the Minnesota driver's license number and click "Get record".

The required fee for your own driver's license information is $9 for a record copy and $10 for a certified record copy. If you are requesting someone else's driver's license information (for employers etc.) the fee is $10 for a record copy and $10.50 for a certified record copy.

The following information is provided to anyone who requests and pays for the records:

Driver's license status
Zip Code
Unpaid fines information
Physical description

The following information for the most part is not available since it is in violation of State law, unless you are requesting your own records or certain government agencies are collecting the information:

Personal name and date of birth
Driver's license number
Crash record information
Social Security Number
Disability parking certificate data
motor vehicle lessee data
Medical Data
Designated Caregiver Data

Renewing License Plates


Click on the above link and click "Renew Tabs".

Enter your license plate number and the last 3 digits of your vehicle VIN number to log in.

Select the type of renewal you want including if you need to change the type of Minnesota license plates.

The following fees will be required:

A $4.50 filing fee is due with each registration renewal
An $8.50 filing fee is due with each application for special plates or duplicate plates, stickers, or registration card
Passenger: $6.00....(Double Plates)
.................$4.50....(Single Plate)

Trailer: $4.50
Trailer Life-Time Self-Adhesive Sticker: $2.50

$6.00....(Double Plate)
$4.50....(Single Plate)

Additional fees are required specialty or collectors license plates.

Other Minnesota DMV Online Services

The Minnesota DMV also offers the following services online. Some of these services can be fulfilled immediately, others will need to be mailed to your house:

Vehicle title history

Schedule Driver Exam Road Test

Crash Record Report

Report a Minnesota vehicle sale

Minnesota dealership information

Tax Info

Change Motor Vehicle Address