Minnie Mouse Bowtique was an episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show on Disney Junior. This one episode became so popular and the idea of Minnie selling bows that it has now launched an entire toy line to go with it. There are even now Minnie Bowtoons on Disney Junior channel as well.


The idea of this is that Minnie Mouse has even own Bowtique in which she creates and sells bows. This is a must have fashion accessory as any little girl will tell you. The toys that have been created for this line of Disney toys are sure to be a hit with the little girl in your life.

Minnie Mouse Kitchen(118410)
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Minnie Mouse Kitchen Bowtique

The Minnie Mouse kitchen from the Bowtique line of toys is one that is going to have your little girl flipping with glee. This setup is bright and ready for all sorts of cooking adventures.


The key interesting point of this toy kitchen is that it is called the flipping kitchen. This means that there are many different flipping surprises for little girls to discover. The first one is that the cutting boards flips up to show the hidden sink. This makes pretend clean up a breeze.


Your little one can also flip up the dish rack when cleaning is done and show off the hidden milkshake machine. There are many great accessories that come with this set to make it hours of fun for everyone.

Minnie Mouse Bowtique
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Minnie Mouse Bowtique Fashion on the Go

This set is a great way to combine Minnie Mouse and fashion play all on one neat portable container. Everything that is needed to put on a fashion show with Minnie Mouse is included in this toy set.


Inside the Bowtique is a dressing room and of course a place to get makeup done before it is time to go on the runway. There is disco ball that lights up the runway where all of the latest fashions can be display.


This Minnie Mouse toy includes the 5 inch mini doll in the picture. There are over 10 fashions accessories that make mixing and matching to create new outfits a breeze.

Minnie Mouse Doll Fairy Deluxe
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Minnie Fairy Deluxe Bowtique

This set of fun fashion and Minnie Mouse centers around the Fairy designs. There are over 12 fashion items in this set that make it easy for girls to create many fairy fashions for their mini doll to wear.


The outfits and accessories are easy snap and go items. This makes it easy to put them on and take them off Minnie for quick outfit changes at any fashion show.


There are many great toys and set that are part of the Minnie Mouse Bowtique line. From the full kitchen to dress up kits, there are many items that you can get your little one so that she can let her fashion imagination run wild. Remember that the one or two items that you might see on your local store shelf is only a fraction of what is available. That is why it is good to order online for the best selection and deals on these toys.


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